Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anxiously Engaged?

"Men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; For the power is in them, " 
Doctrine & Covenants 58:27-­28

Is writing a good cause?  You betcha it is.  However, there are a lot of good causes in a mother's life.  It is almost impossible to choose in which good causes to be anxiously engaged.  Let's face it, life is busy.  There will never be enough hours in the day.

 I have to admit that it was less than a month ago when I turned to my Father in heaven and prayed to know whether I was being selfish and unwise to pursue my desires to write.  I have  Little Princess who is at home with me during the days still.  We moved recently and still have boxes scattered through out the house.  I can hardly find time to breath.  How am I supposed to find time to write?  But this burning desire, and aching need within my very being tells me that it will not be quieted until I write my story.

Well, the answer didn't come right away.  I began to think that my growing to do list was my answer.  I have too much to do, writing just wasn't going to be one of my good causes.  But like a determined child who didn't get her way quite understand, I continued to pray that I would receive an answer that I could interpret as a red or green light on my writing urge.

Then, the answer came right to my inbox.  Did you know that God emails?  Well, He doesn't but He has connections.  That email answered my prayers, it made me cry because I felt it.  This was my answer, I had permission to make writing one of my good causes and it is the reason I am typing here today. 

So, next week and I will tell you how I know that writing is a good cause and why wholesome writers are being called forth to write.

What would you do if writing wasn't your good cause?

        ~Amber Lynae


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have had the same dilemma in my own life and could not deny to myself the time to write because I have felt so profoundly inspired to do so. Maybe one day my writing will be found between the covers of a book. Maybe not. Maybe writing is that "thing" in my life that fulfills me in a way nothing else can. Whatever the reason, to give it up would be giving up a part of myself.

    We all need our own little place to unwind, retreat, or recover from life. Some of us just use words.

    I have found that I need to constantly be watchful of how much time I spend writing. This is just one more place in my life that I must learn to keep a proper balance. Daily prayer and continual evaluation of my priorities helps. After all, it is so easy to get lost in a good story. Especially when you get to dictate which direction it goes!

  2. This is so true. It's easy for us to say that our dreams and goals don't matter. Like you said there is some many different good things for us to do. But the thing we have to remember is that when we work towards our dreams and our goals we are sending a very important message to them. Afterall, you don't tell your kids, "dreams are ok unless there are other things to do, then you must forget your dreams and do other good things." That's ridiculous. But when we do that ourselves, that's exactly what we are telling them.

    We need to remember to balance life with our dreams. Dreams teach us to think positive, make sacrifices, and push ourselves further than we ever thought possible. Indeed you may say that reaching for dreams is a big part of our salvation. It is important!!

    I'm so glad you are writing with us now. Though I don't know I how I feel about comparing Jenni to God!! LOL! On top of all her writerly disorders (schitzophrenia, etc.) I don't think she needs a God complex too! LOL!

  3. Thanks for that. I have struggled with the same issue many times.

  4. This is the STORY OF MY LIFE! I used to feel so guilty for writing instead of doing something more "responsible" and "useful." I used to waste loads of time and energy trying to PROVE I was a good writer and that I had talent and a future in this business so that I could feel justified in doing it.

    But then, in April 2008, Elder M. Russel Ballard said in General Conference that mothers should find some time every day to cultivate their talents. So I decided if he said it was okay, then it was okay!

    I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have a set time every day when I write. Sometimes my life is so busy I have to cut it down to less than an hour, but no matter how long or short, I make sure that time is there.

    So now, instead, I can feel guilty about all the time I spend on e-mail and blogs ;).

  5. Thanks for this, I worry all the time about being selfish in my pursuit of this burning desire to write. :)

  6. If writing wasn't my "good cause"? You mean there are other ones? ;)

  7. Hello Amber!
    Great post! I love it! I am so glad that you have permission for writing to be your good cause--of course!

    Start writing away, girl! :)

    PS--I can't wait to read your next post.

  8. I'm looking forward to your next post as well. Sometimes I feel like I am meant to be a writer, other times I feel like it's just a personal wish. I hope that I will have the conviction one day, that it sounds like you received. Good luck as you write, knowing it is your good cause.



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