Friday, March 26, 2010

My Muse vs My Scale

I am pretty sure my muse is a teenage boy.  Or at least he has the appetite of one.  Every time I sit at my computer to work on my WIP I feel this overwhelming desire to have something on hand to snack.  I had this same habit when I would be writing papers in college. 

I have a complaint about this habit of his.  I'm attempting the whole lose weight thing.  If I eat my scale reflects this.  So I try to avoid the extra snacking.  My muse does not agree with this process. 

Do you have to feed your muse?  
What is his/her favorite foods?  
How do you curb his/her appetite?


  1. LOL! I don't think your the only one with a hungry muse. I have a friend who swears that Cheetos give her superhuman writing stamina. Course she says her keyboard is permanently stained orange!! She even had a shirt made that says, "Will write for Cheetos"!!
    BTW her name is Sarah Eden and her book "Courting Miss Lancaster" just came out in bookstores! See for yourself if Cheetos work!

  2. You made me laugh, Amber! I'm sure my muse is a teenage boy too, but that's because he talks like one. I hadn't realized that he eats like one.

    Lately, whenever I get stuck in my writing I hop up from my computer and go looking for some chocolate. This isn't good for my waistline or my complexion.

    Here's the tricks I've used to outsmart my hungry muse:

    1. A big glass of water. I pour myself a big glass of water and set it beside me on the desk as I work.

    2. Before I start a writing session I slice up a pear or get some carrot sticks and put them next to the glass of water.

    This way, when I hit a bump, there's good-for-me stuff right at hand.

  3. Oh man, my muse wants soda. Doesn't really matter what kind it just has to be there in abundant supply.

  4. It's good to know the snacking monster that creeps out while I write has relatives. Eat on!

  5. Huge problem for me! I've been trying sunflower seeds, because they seem relatively healthy. Last night, I got myself a big glass of ice water, and it totally worked. I had something to put in my mouth, so I didn't feel snack deprived and water is actually good for me! I can't guarantee this will work for me every night.

  6. Oh, I can SO relate to this. It's even worse if you happen to be writing about your character at a meal. It's no fair that the MC can eat whatever he/she wants, and it may not effect their waistline.

    Right now, my weakness is fruit snacks. I try to suck on them, so they last longer, but in the end I'm still craving chocolate. Go figure!

  7. Thanks so much for the follow! Love having new blogger buddies! :)

  8. My muse is the opposite. She likes to be starved. She also likes Pepsi and hates me for giving it up nearly 6 months ago.

  9. So very true! I am faced with this dilemma every night! I usually allow myself one yummy thing during the night. The rest of the time I chew gum. Not sure why, but my mouth needs to be busy! (When I get published I need to remember to thank Orbit for keeping me thin!)

  10. Amber! You're so cute! I never really thought to personify my muse!

    There are times when my muse is soooo overpowering that I literally tremble if I don't obey it.

    I attribute my muse to my Heavenly Father. He's my muse. Scriptures, prayer and fast feed my muse. If I don't do any of those things first, I am left without any inspiration.

  11. Hot chocolate. My muse craves it like none other. If I have a big cup of it I can write pretty easily. If I don't, nothing happens.



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