Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Believe in Yourself

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Did you ever notice that getting to your destination is a whole lot longer than arriving back home? Whether its by plane, car or foot. Have you ever wondered why?

I thought about that as I walked over to a friend's house. It took longer arriving there than getting back home. How is that if its the same exact number of steps?

I believe it's all in in the mind. A person has a certain mindset of anticipation as s/he travels to the place. Anticipation is like suspense. Suspense makes things edgier and a bit harder to bear. We are yet empty, waiting to be filled.

Once we arrive, we can relax.

The journey home is shorter, I believe, because we are no longer hit with the feeling of expectation. We are filled with what we had set out to do. Yes, even if its from a dentists chair (Bleh!). Our minds no longer dwell on the suspense so the traveling time seems much shorter.

I'm wondering how I could apply this writing.

At first, it starts out as something whimsical. A word here. A word there. Then a poem, maybe? Or a short story? A book . . . Then sometime along the way, we decide to we want to be published. From the starting point, the pathway seems long and impossible. Even trying.

There are constant road blocks. Nay sayers. Rejections. Sharing with others. Critiques. Editing. Revamping. Learning curves. Applications. Finding a good critique group. Finding worthwhile writing friends. Being able to attend writing conferences. There is much more that should be added, but that would make this post way too long! ;)

I can see how writers become so very needy after all this!

I understand that some of the things I've mentioned wouldn't be considered road blocks, such as giving or receiving a critique. I feel it all depends on which stage of writing we're at.

I attribute our readiness to our thoughts. The mind is a powerful thing. We can make it happen or not. We can let others drag us down with their critiques or let it build us. We can say it's their loss when a certain agent rejects us. We can use our growing pains to reach out and help newer writers, even older ones who still face doubt.

I feel that now is the time for writers. Karen told me that when she started out, she hardly knew any writers. There are so many now. Have you noticed? I have!

I believe that the Lord is inspiring an army of us to take the lead and become what the world needs--published authors. Trust yourself in your abilities and believe that you are meant to write, no matter the nay sayers and rejections and discouragement.

What stage in writing are you at? How have you overcome some hurdles in your writing career?


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I always enjoy reading your thoughts!

    I feel like I'm on the verge of breaking in, but I can't tell. I'm walking in the dark. In the fog. I've been walking a long time, a long, long time, and so I think I ought to be getting somewhere soon. I hear encouraging whispers ahead, full manuscript requests, positive feedback, but it could be a long journey yet before that elusive contract comes in to view.

    Or it might be only one more step.

    Do I have the courage and strength to take that next step? That's what gets me through. One step at a time.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I really needed to hear it :)

  3. Hi Rebecca! I hear ya--one step at a time, otherwise the journey will make us feel small...

    You're welcome, Crystal. Glad it helped. :D

  4. Definately something we needy writers need to hear as often as possible! The need to stay inspired and believe in ourselves is at the top of our list!



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