Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sapphire Flute--A Review

The first time I saw the book cover, I was thrilled with the bright animation and the emotional portrayal depicted. I thought the wolf was something to be feared, as the girls on the cover are staring at it. So I wondered what the significance of the wolf was. The picture portrays each character in her own right, but not a summary of any scene.

It is a story that brings to life two girls whose destinies are shaped and led by the Guardians who watch over their world and keep order to all magic.

Poor little Shandae—given the name of Ember to protect her from the forces that seek to destroy her—is thrown into the depths of peril from the moment she is born. Evil haunts her for the very power she later learns she possesses. Good fights to keep her under strict protection, as well as the order of wolves--the Bendanatu--do. They teach her the ways of her true blood.

Kayla is a talented musician that manipulates magic with the sounds of her flute. She enamors an entire kingdom with her skill. The king seeks her favor, and charges her to guard a very special and powerful keystone of blue magic—the Sapphire Flute.

The first part of this story is not filled with breakneck speeds of action, in your face terror or spine chilling fear. But please don't let this catch you with your book down. Remember, it is important, being the first book of SEVEN, to build the foundation of a world from its political organization, its secrets and most importantly, its magic. This book is a step to a bigger, richer world where the author promises not to disappoint a read filled with passion, excitement and even loss.

Karen E. Hoover is very talented when it comes to bringing life to her characters, like a puppeteer to the marionette. She has a vivid imagination; it is not difficult to follow the artistic weave of her words. I was there when Ember fought for her right of passage with such moving passion that I wept. I could taste the sweet feel of the sapphire flute's touch as Kayla battled against the nefarious C’Tan. The sense to tip the world back into harmonic balance is so well written that I wish I could leap right into the pages to assist their cause.

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  1. I left my comment on your personal blog but well said, Lizzie!

  2. I have seen this book before and now I think I will have to give it a try and read it.

    Angie Lemon

  3. When I first saw the cover, I thought it was a children's book and had no interest, but now I might just have to give it a read.

  4. i'm reading this right now, It's sooo awesome! KAREN IS AMAZING!!! Seriously, I've been blown away by her writing!


  5. What a wonderful review, Elizabeth! Thank you so very much! I love hearing how it impacted you emotionally. Thanks for sharing that.

    Anonymous, I hope you will give it a chance. I look at the cover as a throwback to an earlier time, but I do understand how you could think it would be for a younger audience than it was meant. It is a teen book, truly. :)

    If anybody has any questions for me, feel free to fire them away. I'll keep checking back and will answer as best I can. Mormon Mommy Writers Rock!!!

    (Thanks, Jenni! You've got me all bubbly now.)

  6. I got to read the first chapter of this book at WIFYR in 2008. It is so exciting to see it actually in print now!



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