Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Review: Summer in Paris, by Michelle Ashman Bell

Kenzie Williams is in for a huge surprise when her parents tell her she must spend her summer in Paris. Visions of a romantic stay in grand France are soon shattered when she learns which Paris.

What? There is more than one Paris?

Yep. The kind where quaint little parades float down the middle of town. Where you can't hide, because everyone knows who you are. Where kids get so bored, they invent their own fun.

Welcome to Idaho!

What? What about her ballet school? Bottomless credit cards? Her boyfriend?

Kenzie learns the hard way as she's literally thrown into farm life. Weeds, vegetables--what's the difference? The chickens are monstrous beasts that don't like her. Cleaning toilets? You've got to be kidding!

She's in for one horrible summer until she sees Adam White. Tall, dark, stunning. Suddenly, the chickens seem to like her and toilets aren't that big of a deal. She soon learns that poor Adam is the town's skeleton in its wardrobe, and is determined to solve the mystery.

Besides, what real harm could this handsome boy really be when he melts her heart with a single glance?

Michelle Ashman Bell is a genius at capturing the spirit of bored country teens, which all rings true--my husband, once a ranch hand, can attest to it all! It had me shaking my head, laughing, as I tagged along in their obnoxious ventures. Gasping when disasters struck. Even crying when someone nearly died. A recipe book for restless teens.

She had me rooting for Adam's innocence, rolling my eyes at the macho acts of the local boys, and swooning when Kenzie finally shared a quiet moment with Adam.

Welcome to the front row seat of Summer in Paris. I promise you a sweet, lighthearted, fun read!

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  1. Cute title. It sounds like a fun book!

  2. That's so funny because as a kid we used to joke about how we visited Paris every the summer! Although we only ever drove through it on our way somewhere else. I'm not exactly sure what there is in Paris, Idaho besides houses and farms.

    It's great someone had some fun with the name! I think I'll look for this book because I grew up in a very rural area where we had to "make-up" our own fun. When you tell the city kids what you do for a good time they get a very confused look on their face.

  3. I actually have a giveaway for this book going on until the 12th of April. So for any of the readers who haven't read this yet go over to and enter the Summer in Paris giveaway.



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