Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Fish in a HUGE pond

If you read Elizabeth's post on Summer in Paris and thought you would love to read it,
then you need to head over to my giveaway post and comment before the April 12th.

Are you getting very excited for the LDStorymaker conference on April 23rd-24th?  I am.  But I am also a little scared.  This will be my first writer's conference.  I am a total newbie.  I feel like a guppy swimming with the whales.  I would be lying if I said I am not intimidated.

While I am completely excited to meet all of the bloggers who have inspired me in my writing.  I am at a loss for how to prepare.

Are  you attending?  
Can you help a girl out with some pointers and advice?


  1. Congrats! How fun! Last year was my first time, and it can be really intimidating.

    My #1 tip: talk to people. It's hard, and lots people there are going to be shy, but the big advantage of these events is networking. I made a bunch of friends last year.

    Also, I recently had someone guest post on my blog about how to get the most out of conferences:

    And of course, have fun! (Oh, and sign up for Authors Incognito—they'll explain it at the conference.)

  2. I went to my first writer's conference hoping to make a splash. I got so nervous I was almost sick. And then I decided, "I'm not here to break in! I'm here to learn and to meet people!"

    And then I had much more fun.

  3. I'm afraid I'm just another guppy, but I bet you'll find there are few big guys and lots of guppies. I'm also thinking none of the big guys are guppy eaters. :) I'm scared too, but I bet it will be fun and very informative!

  4. My advice is to use a notebook and pens vs. a laptop simply because lugging it around all day gets exhausting. I know there is a class on "making your own website" that asks you to bring you laptop but if you don't have it or have somewhere safe to stash your compy, I'd advise leaving it behind. ;)

  5. Last year was my first year. I was super nervous. I did have a friend to hang with a little bit so that helped. My suggestion is to be friendly and visit with everyone. You won't know who is a published author and who isn't - it's so informal. Be interested in people - don't just try to promote yourself or your story. Don't gush over Janette Rallison like an idiot the way I did. Do gush over Julie Wright though she won't look like she wants to run away as you gush.

  6. LOL! Just go and expect to laugh a lot! Who are you staying with? I think I asked this already... but if you need a place to crash, we've got a queen sized bed with your name on it!


  7. This is my first year at LDStorymakers, but I've been to a different conference, and it was great. I agree with what everyone else said. Even though you may not be comfortable talking to other people, pretend you are. I'm horrible at face to face conversation, but I'm trying to improve. Practice makes perfect (or at least better, I hope!).



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