Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When Destiny Calls

"When destiny calls, pick up the phone," my son quipped over his corn flakes.

My daughter glowered at him. "That isn't funny. You've already said it before."

"We could make a book," I said. "Destiny calls. It would be about a girl named Destiny."

The ideas flew around the table.

"She's always calling people."

"She's trying to get a date."

"She's always talking to her friends."

"They could have adventures over the phone."

"It could be about a boy who likes Destiny, and he's waiting for her to call him." I suggested. "Or maybe he doesn't like Destiny, but she calls him anyways."

My son snickered.

"And he really likes her best friend, so he can't be rude to her because she'll say mean things about him to the best friend, and he's just using Destiny to hang around with the best friend, and it gets to be a big mess..."

"This is getting really good, mom!"

"What's a good name for a boy your age? Something a little unusual, but not uncommon. Something that makes it sound like he was born in 1995."

My daughter thought for a moment. "Bryce. I know two boys my age named Bryce at my school."

"Bryce it is, then. And in the end he'll find out he really does like Destiny," I said, then leaned back and slapped my hands on the table. "There, perfect. It's a book. I'll put it in my outline file."

"You can't escape Destiny," my son quipped.


  1. Sitting around the table turning clever ideas into books, I love it. It's happened to me a few times with my girls and we all get a tremendous kick out of it. :)

  2. HEY EVERYONE! My sister, whose interview ran last week, just had her baby! Healthy little boy, 7lb 11oz, born around midnight last night.

  3. Congrats on the new nephew!

    Your son's line is a great title for a book! I'll have to try brainstorming around the table with my kids. Maybe dinner conversations would improve from video games banter.

    I can't believe you build your own harps! I've always wanted to learn to play one but there is no way where I live. How long have you been playing?

  4. Thanks, Lisa! Brainstorming at meal time is a family tradition that goes back to when I was in high school and my siblings and I would have loud, energetic sessions about our various writing and filming projects.

    I've been playing the harp for about ten years. If you want to learn more about it, I have a harp page up on my old website: http://gnomonkeep.org/harp/

  5. So cute that you can brainstorm with your kids!

  6. That is an awesome story line and witty son you have. And congrats to your sister.



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