Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LDStorymakers Conference, 2010

I've posted this over at my personal blog, but felt I should share it with Mormon Mommy Writers, too!

Everyone had so much fun there. The conferences are growing and getting bigger each year. It would be so nice if you could plan on next year's if you weren't able to make it to this one.

Enjoy! :)

Caroll, Heather, Eliza, Yamile, Emile, and me at YA bootcamp.
We had sooo much fun meeting each other and sharing our WIPs.

Sheila Staley and me at the Whitneys

Double take! (She is one of the coolest people there!)

Fun at Borders Bookstore with Kimberly Job and Mary Campbell.
Two cool ladies!

Michelle Jefferies, Paulette and me!
We make a crazy bunch . . .

Jenn Wilks and me ready for the Whitney Dinner.

Me with Rebecca and her cutie pie! She let me hold him.
*Sigh* He is so sweet.

Me and Michelle Teacress.
She is an awesome friend!

Me with Laura Elliot.
She's such a crazy cool friend--you'll love her!

Me with Jenni James--she dropped by to say hello!

Here's David West. I can't wait to read his book and post a review on it!
It was wonderful seeing you again!

I finally get to meet Darvell Hunt!
He's such a neat guy . . .

I finally found Danyelle Ferguson and got a pic with her!
She's such an awesome person!

Me and Christine Bryant.
It's always good to see old friends!

Me and Cathy Witbeck.
She's such a wonderful friend. I'm so happy to have met her in person!

Me and Carolyn Vawdrey. She's such a sweet person.
It was great seeing her again. As always. ;)

Me and Bethany Wiggins.
So happy to meet the legend in person. She's one cool lady!

Donald Carey and me meeting for the first time.
What a party we had at Borders!

Danyelle Leafty! She's such a pretty and sweet friend.

C.S. Bezas and me loitering at the Marriott's Lobby.
It was so much fun getting to know her!

Angie Lofthouse and I finally get a picture together!
It was crazy trying to track down all my new friends. :)

Ali Cross and me.
Isn't she cute?

Congrats, First Chapter Contest Palz!

Ali Cross


Christine Bryant!!


At the Whitney Awards Dinner:

Gary and Nichole Giles at my table.

Christine Bryant (I think she's going to take a picture, what do you think?)

There's Tristi Pinkston and her peeps-->
(can you see my table behind them?)

Darlene and Asa

I know, I know . . .
I just can't help but show off how gorgeous
Sheila and I look in our little black dresses!

Can't wait till next years LDStorymaker's conference!


  1. oh, that's Nichole! I was admiring her dress all evening!

  2. I've got to go to this conference some day. Maybe next year.

  3. Thanks for all the pictures! I feel a little less left out. I had to choose between going to LTUE and LDS Storymakers, I went to LTUE. Should I have gone the other way?

  4. It was so fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  5. Hi Tamara! I saw you there--next time I'll go up to you and introduce myself! <3

    It would be sooo nice to see you there, Rebecca! I can't wait for the day I can meet you face to face! :)

    Nikki, I remember you saying that to me at LTUE. *Sigh* Maybe next year you can try Storymakers rather than LTUE? Choices choices...

    You're welcome, Angie! It was so seeing you again! :)

  6. It was so fun to see you, Elizabeth! I'm glad we found a few opportunities to chat and laugh together.

  7. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for the post.



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