Friday, April 2, 2010

What is holding you back?

Did you lose something? What that isn't yours? Are you sure? If I'm not mistaken, I think you are missing something.... Your sense of adventure. Believe me I understand, I have been known to misplace my own.

Seriously, how many times have you let fear of failure hold you back from trying something you really wanted to do?  Does the fear of looking ridiculous keep you from living life?  The truest moments, the happiest times, are those precious times when we throw inhibitions aside.

I hope if you occasionally misplace your sense of adventure or brick walled by fear that you will not remain trapped. I hope that you will start the project that you have put off because you didn't want to mess it up, that you will talk to the people waiting in line with you, and that you will sing along to your favorite songs, and dance even when you don't know how.

Enjoy life-- it is a journey not a destination.

BTW over on Seriously Amber Lynae I'm giving away a Summer in Paris (the book not a trip).


  1. I lost my sense of adventure! Sometimes I find it, but mostly when I want to embarass my kids in public. But usually, I'm low key...that's so boring! I will work harder to find my sense of adventure more often.

  2. I had to tap into my sense of adventure earlier this week. There was something I wanted very badly, but I was afraid to let myself want it because it would hurt worse if I didn't get it. I thought I should talk myself out of wanting it.

    Then I decided not to be afraid of the pain, and just want this thing to happen with all my heart.



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