Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Epitome of Perserverence

When I was a sophomore in high school, I had been accepted into the honors English class. I was ecstatic. The class was a lot more difficult than I had thought, but I loved everything I was learning. At the end of the first half of school I was getting a C in the class. The teachers policy was to withdraw any students getting a C or lower and send them to the regular sophomore English class. I was devastated and did what I do best, I cried. With tears in my eyes I told the teacher I would rather get a C in his class and learn what I'm learning than get an easy A in another class. He relented and let me stay. He probably regretted that decision, especially when I turned in a 1 1/2 page report with the first page missing. (I cried and laughed hysterically at the same time when that happened!) Anyway, what I'm leading up to is that in my high school yearbook that year, my English teacher wrote this, "You are the epitome of Perserverence".
Many times during my quest for being published, I have pulled out that yearbook and read those words. Of any profession out there, writers are the ones that need to be the epitome of perseverance. We. Cannot. Give. Up!
Here's a link to an article about the author of "The Help" and her story of Perserverence.

Be sure to share your story of Perserverence and what inspires you not to quit!


  1. My kids inspire me not to quit. Truth. While living in NYC they were the only thing that kept me getting up in the morning (post op), say nothing about cleaning, feeding people, doing laundry, home schooling, or writing. The city can be a brutal place, but it's also the place I learned the importance serving others. We must persevere because the only other option is to surrender. Perseverance (enduring to the end) is sometimes as simply as putting one foot in front of the other. We can do that, right?

  2. I needed this today. Thank you so much!

  3. Crystal-I love that sentence, "We must persevere because the only other option is surrender.". You are right, and let's face it, surrender isn't an option!
    Diane-you are so welcome and remember to never surrender!



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