Friday, August 5, 2011

Give Yourself a Break

I'm taking the kids to Lagoon today. It's our Stake Lagoon day, so we get to get in for a discount, and there's a dinner. Pretty sweet deal. It's also the only way I can afford to do it, so it works out.

I have learned, in recent years, that play is as necessary as work to family success. It's a cliche (and we've had enough of those lately, lol), but the family that plays together, stays together. It's really true.

So what do you guys do to play? How do you take your breaks?


  1. What's a Lagoon day ? I'm guessing it has something to do with a pool ?

  2. @RJR Lagoon is Utah's version of Six Flags... only dinkier, lol Think glorified county fair

    So jealous you have a stake Lagoon day! My husband's company doesn't even do lagoon day. Hubby refuses to pay cuz Lagoon is a big waste to him (he grew up near Disneyland & Six Flags)

  3. We have Bellon family movie nights every Friday and we all watch a movie together. The kids can invite friends and it's a fun way to spend time and get to know neighborhood kids. We also have Sunday night game nights where we play board/card games as a family. That can get a little wild, but I think having those two nights be a constant will make for some great memories. I hope so anyway. :)



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