Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School Is In Session

My kids go back to school today. Four of my five are now full timers, with my youngest just a year away. This has been a really short summer for us, since in Utah we didn't go back until the end of August. Once we even waited until September. And since we just moved here, all of our normal "hang with family on this holiday or that birthday" went out the window. We're still adjusting to living in AZ, I guess. And while I love my children, having them all home, all the time, got a little (read: a lot) challenging. So I have to admit when my sister-in-law posted this on Facebook the other day, I just had to share.

I honestly don't know if I relate better to the father or the kids. There is supposed freedom in having them out from underfoot, but the reality is that my kindergartner has never done preschool and now he's full day. He's going to need some TLC. And my youngest has never gone a day without his brother who is only 17 months older. He'll get his fill of having the computer and TV to himself in about 4 hours and then he'll be bugging me to entertain him. So writing time by myself will not be as forthcoming as one might suppose.  So here's my question to all of you Mormon Mommy writers out there: what kind of schedule do you set up to make the most of those hours you have free? Because you know those hours aren't really free. They're waiting for you to fill them with chores or friends or a whole host of other things that will zap your writing time into smithereens.

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  1. Early, early mornings. That was the only totally free time I could ever find. Because you're right. The rest of the day just . . . fills in . . .



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