Monday, August 15, 2011

When Things Calm Down, THEN I'll Write

Is that what you tell yourself? When life gets crazy (which let's face it, is MOST of the time) you fall away from writing yet figure it'll pick back up when your life settles a little?

I'd like to tell myself that my August is too busy for writing. But no, I have to be honest with myself because it's really that my 2011 has been crazy so far, and my writing hasn't been what I thought it would be this year.

But really...REALLY, it's just life as a mom that doesn't slow down. Ever. So I have to figure out how to carve time out of mom-life better than I do right now. Because I want to be a mom and I want to write. I go through seasons of writing and seasons of momming, when I seem to do one better than the other. How do you find time? Do you still manage to snag that moment when life turns topsy-turvy?


  1. You have said it perfectly. Seasons. I remember when I was knee deep in diapers (figuratively speaking, because if it was reality . . . ick!) and couldn't find time to do anything but keep up, I would pray that whatever talent I had to write wouldn't be taken away because I didn't have time to use it right then. And I was rewarded. Somewhat. I now have time to write. Quality is still a work in progress . . .

  2. Just this week, my oldest child started high school, and that means early morning seminary. Yes, I now have to pull myself out of bed and drive her to the seminary building. It seemed like it would be an annoying thing to have to do until I realized that if I get up when she gets up (and not just 5 mins before!) I have time to write! So it's only been two mornings so far, but you should see what I wrote this morning. I'm so excited with my progress and the time I found. The moral of the story is if we change our perspective of our motherly duties, we can sometimes see the opportunities to write are right in front of us.



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