Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Bejewled Blitz is a necessary learning tool for writers

Yes, I believe Bejewled Blitz on Facebook is a valuable and vital tool for any writer. Yes, I also believe in rationalizations if possible. But hear me out on this one. Have you ever gone to your bejeweled leader board on FB, only to find it dominated by other writers? Why is that do you suppose? Most people probably think writers are just wasting time and procrastinating their writing. But what we are really doing is actually helping us to write better novels. Here are some lessons writers learn from playing Bejewled Blitz...lots:
1. You don't have time to think, just let the mouse/muse take over. Zone out if you will and just go with it.
2. Don't always go for the obvious move. Be patient and let the different jewels/plot lines build up to make a more dramatic outcome.
3. Don't spend precious time thinking about what you should have done. Sometimes a missed opportunity leads to a better opportunity. This is true in life as well as writing. Don't find yourself thinking about what you should have done in a scene, save that for the rewrites otherwise you will stall out and waste precious time.
4. Go for the big moves. Don't be afraid to wait for the bigger, better points. Look for ways to manipulate the board/storyline to get the biggest effect.
5. Sometimes you just have to blow it up! Letting some jewels/plot lines blow up, makes room for more opportunities and bigger pay offs.

All these are important lessons in writing. So important, in fact, that I often dedicate hours at a time to let these lessons sink in. So next time you see me at the top of your leader board, you will know that I am just dedicating myself to my writing education!


  1. LOL, Nikki! Love it!

  2. Awesome, I totally needed this post =D

  3. brilliant. I will have to bejewel a little next time am stuck in the middle of a story. That sounds like free education.



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