Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm an Author

My book came out this week.  I'm an author.

It's slowly making its way to the stores.  It's even on kindle and nook now too.  I'm an author.

This past week I've spent several days talking with a potential movie producer ( a man from where my books are set) discussing my vision for the series, etc.  How best to incorporate the community, and how much we can give back to them locally.  I'm an author.

I got my first one star review, yesterday.  That's all it was--just one star--no review, just the star.  I guess those are the best kind because you can convince yourself it was given on accident.  I'm an author.

I've had to already go through final edits of my second book.  It will go to press either this week or next.  They want it printed early, so it can catch all the great reviews before it's released in October. They're rushing the cover now.  I'm an author.

Meanwhile, opportunities for me to sign and speak have been coming in... now, it's just trying to coordinate and figure which times are best, etc.  I'm an author.

This is what it really feels like to be a published author.

You know, I always wondered what it would feel like, even before I'd ever decided I wanted to write, I wondered what this would feel like... and guess what?

I feel the same.  The exact same.

I'm just me.  A busy mom who's now all of the sudden a lot more busier.  (If that's possible.)  I'm still the same happy.  I'm still the same sad.  I'm still the same, well, everything.  It wasn't a magic publishing wand that suddenly made me more of a person, more of a daughter of God, a better, more successful woman.  Nope.  People treat me differently--but I'm still the same.  Same insecurities, same securities, same worries, same hope and faith.  Same overwhelming love for my Heavenly Father.

I'm just me.  I'm an author.


  1. Congratulations, Jenni! You waited so long for this!

  2. Congratulations on your new book!
    Our book came out this past Feb. and you just summed up my exact experience and many emotions that I felt. <3

  3. Jenni - you're so awesome.

    Can't WAIT to read that book :D

  4. @Nikki--Thank you! Yeah, it's been a *REALLY* long time. Lol!

    @Stephonie--Congratulations on your book! Isn't it crazy how you're just the same? lol! It's reassuring too.

    @Jolene--Yeesh. *Blush* I think you're pretty awesome yourself. Thank you. Eeep... and you'll Lurve it. (i'm sorry to say that you will fall in love with a 17 year old. No joke. Even my grandma did--but since it is a younger Mr. Darcy, I think we're all allowed. Lol!)


  5. Congratulations! I can't wait to check out your book! Very exciting post! You're an AUTHOR! Glad you are still the same you though - although busier! I'm WAY excited for you!



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