Thursday, August 18, 2011

Smiley Faces All Around

Motivation is a very slippery thing. While I was at my writer's retreat this summer, one writer's group told about their monthly goals and how they reward the completion of those goals with a smiley face on a chart. I thought this was a cute idea and shared it with my critique group. Now I'm sharing it with you. Would you like to get a smiley face for monthly goals completed? Maybe you just need an extra push to help you accomplish all that you want to accomplish. Getting a smiley face on a public blog may give you what we all need every once in awhile, recognition for a job well done. Maybe there will be a drawing as well for those that completed their goals for the month. I will have to work out the details, but what do you say? Who's in? Now the goals don't have to be lofty or even all about writing. Research counts and can be anything. For my non fiction book about balancing body and spirit, part of my research goals was to participate and complete a sprint triathlon. So work outs counted towards my writing goals! Also, writing blog posts, journal writing, scripture reading all count for me towards my writing. Maybe your goals one month will be to learn more about the craft of writing or more about publishing. Or maybe your goal is to just write 25 words a day. Whatever your goals, you deserve a pat on the back for completing them.
So if you want to join in, leave your writing goals for this month in the comment section. I will keep track of who shared their goals and in a month, Thursday, September 15th, I will ask you all to report on your goals. Of course this means I will have to share and report my goals as well. Its only fair right?
My goals this month are:
1. Edit three short stories from our Totally Cliche contest.
2. Finish Editing my short story for the ebook and send it out for more critiques.
3. Read and give an overall critique for a friend's sci fi book.
4. Wake up early and write something every morning before taking my daughter to seminary.
5. Complete 2 more chapters in my YA Fantasy story.
6. Get over to the WriteonCon website and read/watch some of the classes that will help me improve my writing.
Yes I have some lofty goals this month, but if I don't finish them all, I will roll them over to next month and just take a straight lined face for the month! Lol! Can't wait to see your goals in the comments!

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  1. I knew summer would totally derail my goals, and I was sad to not have made as much progress by the end of May as I'd hoped. I'm not listing here because I have to totally rewrite my goal schedule for the year, now that I have to add moving to the mix!



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