Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thanking My Heavenly Father for Unanswered Prayers

I've had a few reflective days where looking back on it all I'm so grateful for the little unanswered prayers in my life.  Those prayers that were so huge and desperate at the time... in the end, saved me so much more heartache.

Like the time I begged the Lord to let me stay in my beautiful home in Chatteris, England, even though the promptings to leave could not be ignored and eventually we did.  Moving when I was 8 months pregnant.

Or when I begged the Lord a few weeks later to not take my husband to Iraq until after the baby (our sixth) was born.  So things would work out and he could see her.  When she was a week overdue and my husband left, and the doctors were not able to induce me due to complications, it was when I nearly cursed God.  Nearly.  I felt it was the hardest thing I ever had to do--be over nine months pregnant with so many children and say goodbye to my husband.  I was scared, and angry... and in a new place where I knew no one.

Only to find a week later and a prolapsed umbilical cord... Had I not moved, had my husband stayed, had anything at all been different--so many little miracles in a row--I wouldn't be laughing with my 4 year old today.  They say it was a miracle she survived at all... I know for a fact, had my husband been there or had I lived 30 minutes from the hospital in my old house, my life would've been so much more miserable than it was the few weeks before.

My Heavenly Father knew, that even though he was breaking my heart, I really, really wanted to have a baby in my arms, more than I wanted my husband there to witness her death or a beautiful house to bury her nearby.  He knew much more than I did--

And it was this lesson, the lesson when I nearly cursed my God, that I realized no matter what unanswered prayers I'm given, no matter what trials, or disappointments come my way, I will realize and see that I do not know the big picture, that my Heavenly Father does love me and watches out for me.  I will never (nearly) curse Him again.

I also realize and own the fact, he could take anyone I love at any moment... but if he did, it would be okay.  Because each day is a blessing with them.  Each moment a precious gift, and I will be grateful for all the gifts and learning opportunities I am given--even if they are for just a moment.

So just remember, if the burden you carry seems too hard at the moment, and you feel as if you're asked to do too many things you didn't count on, be grateful.  Get on your knees and thank God for every trial in your life.  Because you do not know what would happen if things were different.  Had you stayed in that home.  Had your husband continued to work for that company...

Or had your book been published when you thought it should've been.  Lol!  He has his hand in everything.
Everything happens for a reason.  Be truly grateful for all those reasons.  And every unanswered prayer.

--Jenni James

Psst!  It's finally here!  My book is finally here!  I held in my hands on Thursday at my very first signing.  (it was at a booksellers convention, for buyers from around the US, Canada, England, etc. to decide if they want to sell my book in their store.  I'm very happy to say Pride & Popularity will be in stores very soon! Eeep.

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  1. First off... CONGRATS on the book ready to be in stores! How exciting! And thank you for the wonderful reminder of the knowledge and understanding that our Heavenly Father has. I need to copy this and send it to my brother who has a difficult road ahead of him. Thanks so much. :)



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