Monday, August 22, 2011

What's in the Bag?

So a sippy cup leaked in my purse last night, and I thought about the contents--soaking--as I removed them. And how much a purse can say about a person.

One size 6 girl's shoe. Where the other one is, I do not know.
My day planner, which luckily escaped water damage, and which is lovingly titled "my brain"
One diaper and a HUGE package of baby wipes because I'm took lazy to only take a few out, which makes my purse WAY too heavy
A few toy cars that kept random baby in Relief Society happy yesterday
One million dollars in cash...yeah right
That naughty leaky sippy cup among other things

What is in your MC's purse? diaper bag? pockets?


  1. Remember that story during conference about the young woman's purse? It inspired me to go through mine. And here's what I found: Book for jotting down thoughts. Wipes (also large size). Container full of emergency stuff - band-aids, lip balm, shampoo, eyeglass cleaner, hand cream. Toothbrush and paste. Nutri-grain bars. Wallet. Hairbrush. Who needs a 72 hour kit!!!?

  2. Diane, that's funny! =)

    I finally gave up my pocket dictionary sized purse for something a little larger. Not by much though!
    In my purse are: wallet, check book, tithing slips, ward directory, 2 months worth of shopping receipts, car keys, pack of gum, sunglasses (in case), small tube of lansinol, a tube of carmex and one of chapstick, small bottle of advil, my dinky cell phone, a thumb drive, my digital voice recorder, 2 glasses cleaning cloths, fingernail stickers, cough drops, a mechanical pencil, my book signing pen (never know when someone will ask me to sign a book ;), fingernail clippers, a bottle of rescue remedy, random rocks that my daughter gives me for her "collection", and a packet of "honey sauce" from KFC. No clue why I have a packet of honey sauce.

  3. Oh, that's so funny. I love the question of what's in my MC's purse and not what's in mine. Lets see, since Lucy's a CIA agent so of course she carries a gun, and her ID, plus an envelope full of cash. And in the bottom on her bag is that ever-present secret compartment where she carries her current assignment, (if its small enough to hide there.) Let's see . . . her cell phone, chapstick, a lipstick, her credit card, and keys to her hotel room. What else does a good agent need?

  4. *wonders if she's the only mom that doesn't carry a purse* I have a wallet. It's all I need. What does that say about my character?

  5. Here is me commenting back one day later...

    Diane! I love it. You are right? Who needs a 72 hour kit? We moms are ALWAYS prepared for emergencies. Of course, today when Stranger gave my baby a high-five at Lowe's I happened to NOT be carrying any hand-sanitizer. Yes, I'm a germ freak.

    Stephonie-First of all, love the spelling of your name...and how big is that purse?!? And of course you carry a packet of honey sauce. I mean, who doesn't?

    Debra Erfert-Given your story for the contest, I am very excited to read about that Lucy.

    P-You are a minimalist. And your life probably has much more order than mine:)



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