Monday, August 6, 2012

Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You: Princess Book

My daughter wrote a book. She's six.

It's called "Princess Book". I wanted to share it with you today, because I think we all need a reminder of our childhood dreams. If you grew up dreaming of being a writer, you probably wrote a few of these yourself. 

Hope you don't mind I blotted out her first name. But she thought it was very important to include the name of the author and a picture of the author.

This princess has a castle. 
This princess is in a carriage.

This princess is outside.
This princess [is] inside.

This princess won a horse race.
The End.

This princess is very proud of the book she wrote.
So is her mommy. :-)

Do you remember the first book you wrote? What's stopping you from doing it again?

And don’t forget- if you dreamed of seeing your name on the front of a REAL published book, then be sure to get your submission in for the MMW writing contest (click the link for more info)- it’s not too late! The deadline has been extended to August 31st! Now is your time to SHINE!


  1. I love "Princess Book"! My first book was written in third grade and it was called, "The Day it Rained Jello". I have been hooked on writing ever since! Tell your daughter she has her first fan!!

    1. “The Day it Rained Jello”- now that sounds like a good read!! I will be sure to pass on the encouragement to my princess. :-)

  2. Love it Kasey! Tell her she is well on her way. She finished her first book :)

  3. I had a whole file of stories I wrote as a kid. Somewhere during my teen years it disappeared. I was DEVASTATED. Maybe it'll show up one day? But doubtful.

    Love her princess book!



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