Friday, August 31, 2012

Surprise! You've Got a Few More Days

We at Mormon Mommy Writers want the best for our readers, and because of that, we want to give you all the opportunity to fulfill your writing dreams.

Or at least enter our contest and perhaps have your work published in our next anthology. Wouldn't that be awesome?

So if you think you've missed the deadline, think again. We are EXTENDING THE CONTEST DEADLINE BY ONE (1) WEEK!

Here's the official posting from our Facebook page:
CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are extending the contest deadline ONE MORE WEEK! Entries are now due next Friday, September 7th. We are accepting stories, essays, or poetry about being a Mormon, a mommy, or a writer! For more information, click on the “Contest” tab on our blog page (

Use the long weekend and polish those masterpieces! This is your chance to get KNOWN and PUBLISHED! (and yes, this deadline extension is God’s way of telling you that you need to enter the contest) So do it! Do it now!!! :-)
 The contest tab is at the top of this page, so get clicking and get submitting. The last anthology was a ton of fun, and I think filled with brilliant work, so I know we would LOVE to see your submissions!

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