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MMW Press Release

I have ceded this week's So What over for an important Press Release about the contest and a way authors and readers can share their clean books with the world. If you want a short little thing from me, help me win a page view contest by checking out the first two paragraphs from my book at the Smashing Stories blog today. Just clicking on the above link helps me out. :)

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Two Amazing Announcements from MMW
Mormon Mommy Writers' Blog is hosting our second annual writing contest. Last year's contest resulted in the wonderful anthology, Totally Cliche. This year's contest promises to be even more exciting since there won't be three winners, but NINE winners since we have three categories in our contest this year. Your mission is to submit a short story, non-fiction essay, or a poem that falls under the theme of Mormon or Mommy or Writer. You do not have to be a Mormon or a mommy to enter this amazing contest. The top three stories in each category will be in MMW's next anthology book. In addition to being published, the authors of the top three winning stories in each category will recieve a free e-copy of the anthology and the following prizes:
First Place: $10 Barnes and Noble gift card
Second Place: $5 Barnes and Noble gift card
Third Place: Free Print copy of the anthology featuring their story
The deadline for the contest has been extended to August 31st. Don't delay! Go to this link for the rules and to find out more 

We believe in good, clean books that uphold Christian values. To accomplish this goal, we will be providing two different services to our readers. First, we will have a list of author websites listed by genres so readers can have access to many books of their favorite genre. Second, we will have a list of books that will be rated for content. We understand this is subjective and our readers will not always agree with our rating. With that in mind we will also list if the book contains violence, sex, drugs, or offensive language. Eventually there will be a way for our readers to vote on what they believe the content rating to be as well.  This will allow our audience to make informed decisions about books. Please come by and check us out.
Opportunity for Authors:
The purpose of our website is to bring readers to clean authors’ websites and to create back links for each writer to up their chances of online virility.   To do this, we encourage authors to do a few things.  First, agree to the commitment below and add your website to our list of authors.  By agreeing to this commitment, you agree to link to somewhere on your website.  We also encourage you to link to other author websites that are within your same genres.  This will help support writers that are committed to writing books that don’t glorify or make light of evil activities or things. 
Next, we would like authors to put their books up on our review page under their genre.  We would also like writers to give their books a rating based on our rating system.  We will have an area for readers vote on the rating they think the book should have. 
Getting Started:
To get started, send an email to with your name and pen name, email address, author website, title and summary of your books, which rating below that you would give the content of your books, and an image of the cover of each of your books.  If you do so, you are agreeing to the following statement:

To be linked on I agree to link to their website on my website. I also agree that any books on my website do not glorify immoral or sinful practices. Meaning that any immoral or sinful things depicted in my books are shown with the natural consequences and are not explicit in their depiction. If there is a book I feel may be questionable in that area, I will address it on my website so my readers can make informed decisions.
G – General Audiences
PG – Parental Guidance
PG-13 – Not suggested for children under the age of 13
PG-16 – Not suggested for children under the age of 16
AC- Adult Content better understood by ages 18 and up
R – For 18 and up containing graphic violence, language, or sexual content
X-rated – Contains excessively graphic sexual content, language, or violence


  1. Yay! I'm so happy the contest has been extended! Woo!

  2. Thank you for extending the deadline! I've been wanting to do this and have been busy with other writing projects. This now gets moved to the top of the list. :)

  3. Alright ladies, I'm holding you to it ;P I'll be on the lookout for your submissions



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