Friday, August 10, 2012

In Honor of School Starting

*I* got a new home office.

I can really get used to this school back in session thing. It's working for me. :)

Seriously, it's been a crazy week in the Chesley household.

First of all, after some serious family debate, I have decided to accept a promotion at my out-of-the-house job. It means--among other things--more hours, a raise, earning vacation days, benefits, and more responsibility.

It also means less writing time. But, what was I really getting done over the summer anyway? Progress on The Tyrant King is moving at a snail's pace, and work leaves me so wiped out I come home and watch movies until it's time for bed. I know. THAT is something that isn't going to be fixed by extending my hours at work.

But, with the kids going to school, that will leave me with huge sections of time on my days off to write. (for those of you who don't know, I say something like this pretty much every we'll see. I'm still trying to find the formula that works) And since I've hired a personal assistant this year, I should be able to plan and attend school visits and book signings on my days off.

One of the huge benefits to my new position at work is that it's not a 9-5, Mon thru Fri position. It's got some flexibility. Yes, that means working some weekends--but not all of them. And with 2-3 days off every week, I'm still in good shape to write and keep my house in order.

Cross your fingers for me, will you?

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