Thursday, August 9, 2012

D.E.W. You Need Something Good To Read?

Well here we are in the second week of August (can you believe that?) and I'm happy to report that my D.E.W experiment is rolling along nicely.  If you missed last weeks post and don't understand the reference, you can catch up here.

Because I made myself a commitment, and because I kept it reasonable, I have been able to stay on top of my writing goals.  I also found a little bit of extra time to read a good book.

Okay, I admit, I made the extra time (stayed up well past midnight last night when I should have been sleeping, and now I am paying for it!).

In fact, it was such a good book, based on the recommendation of a good friend, that I desire to pass it on to you.

So first, tell me - did you make your D.E.W. drop goal?  Let us know!  And check in next week too - accountability is a huge aid in keeping a commitment.

Second, if you need a good read, check out this book:

"The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie", By Alan Bradley

One of the strongest voices and most compelling characters I have read in several months.  This author is definitely going up on my favorite new authors list right next to Regina Sirois and Veronica Roth.

See you next week!

1 comment:

  1. Totally flattered to see my name under your favorite writers list. Thank you for the honor! How did you know I needed something great to read? I'll check it out.



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