Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Arizona

I'm an Arizona girl, born and raised. I love Arizona! I love the growth and joy I've felt there and I will always miss it. Always. My hubby and I were married in the Mesa Temple. No matter where my family has been or where we're going... my heart will yearn for Arizona, but love where I stand. Complicated? LOL! Probably. But it's me. And since it's my birthday today, I wanted to share something of Arizona (a piece of me) with you. I hope you enjoy this, I'm sure you've already seen it--but enjoy again.

This slide show was taken with the cast of the annual Mesa Temple Easter Pageant. (Simply breathtaking! I love that pageant!) I hope you enjoy and allow the music to wash over you this Sunday. No matter where you are emotionally or what you're doing in your life that seems hard. I love the gentle reminder this gives us, that it doesn't matter. All is well.



  1. Very cool. I had actually never seen that before. Thanks for sharing. (I love Arizona too). OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a good one.

  2. I went to the Mesa Temple Visitor's center when they had this exhibit. It was really nice. It didn't have this music like you have here, but it was very beautiful.

  3. There was a book made out of this presentation with a forward by the photographer. It was so inspiring. I really loved getting his perspective as an artist on why he did this project and how he was inspired.

    BTW...Happy Birthday, Jenni!!!! Hope you had a great one!!



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