Monday, February 2, 2009

Golden Life Coaching Nuggets

Wow! Last week went by soooo fast! Here we are again, Manic Monday! I love and loathe Monday's. It's the start of a new week and... it's the start of a new week! I thought that since last week was so fun and inspiring with everyones comments and writing that I would ask my dad, a Life Coach at Northrop Grummand, what were some of his ideas on how to help us find our true dreams and put them into action. He told me about...
The 4 Steps to Goal Setting.
#1 What is your passion! What gives your life meaning and spark. Search your sol for what really interests you. Write down this passion as well as verbalize it by saying it out loud or telling someone.
#2 What are your "Wildest Dreams"! Let your imagination go crazy and think of anything that you would like to see happen. What is the universe calling out for you to become. Pick your best of the best dream!
#3 Construction of Possibilities You have the dream, you see the vision, now sit down and see how you can make this happen. Share your dream with positive people. Surround your self with dream builders and not dream demolitionists. They wil help you build the foundation for your construction possibilities. Don't be afraid to tweak the construction of your dream along the way.
#4 Sustaining the Dream Hold on to the dream by being flexible and willing to adjust. Destiny doesn't adjust. It is you, yourself who has the power to adjust and sustain the dream. Turn the why's and how's into I can, I will, I am. Empower yourself by visualizing the outcome and steering yourself there. By adjusting your path for the road blocks that will come with determination you will overcome them. Seek golden opportunities in the failures to make your present course meet up with your future you!
By writing these things down and verbalizing them you are more likely to achieve them. To sustain the momentum you may need to go through the 4 steps again and meditate as well as actualize further. Make sure you relish the journey and celebrate even the smallest of victories. You may fail in the end but this is not that you are a failure. You have succeeded in trying what many people only dream of. How many people do you know who constantly say they want to write a book and don't go even as far as putting the first word on a page (I know quite a few)? You have tried it, experienced it! The opposite is ultimate failure. To do absolutely nothing! Find joy in the struggle, you will get to know yourself better if you just put yourself out there and do it.


  1. Mary, thanks for posting this. There are so many places along the way where it would be easy to give up on your dreams as a writer, but things like this blog help us take necessary steps toward success by sourounding ourselves with positive people and verbalizing our dreams and goals.

  2. mary this is awesome! What great words of wisdom your dad has! I've been asked to do a special enrichment meeting for a ward I used to be in here in England... I'm thinking I may steal this--since the theme is Following your dreams! It's wonderful! Thanks!

  3. Wow! I've so been struggling with the fact that writing hasn't been as easy for me lately. There are so many other things that are taking my focus. I need to reevaluate what deserves my attention the most make smaller goals that I can attain that will lead me to my ultimate goals! Thanks! Your dad is AWESOME!! No wonder you can look at a bandana and see a purse, etc!!!!

  4. Uh, Mary, psst, will you be on my team? I love it. You are so motivating and positive. I needed to hear this today. Thanks.

  5. Wow, Mary... this is great! Thanks so much for sharing, your Dad is a wise man!

  6. Great post! I feel very lucky to have dream builders around me. Although, the other day my husband emailed me a link to an article about self publishing. I was like, "So, what are you saying?" lol. In truth, he is one of my strongest supporters, but I had to laugh. :)



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