Monday, February 9, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Ok, I know it's not my day, (Sorry Mary!) but I went to some workshops this weekend and found out about some online writing classes. First I went to a workshop by Laurie Schnebly Campbell--She is AMAZING! She is a counselor as well as a writer and she really delves into the emotions and psychological aspect of writing. Cuz let's face it...writing is MENTAL! Here are some classes she has coming up online:

Block-Busting: Putting the Joy Back in Writing - March 2-27, 2009 ($25)

Q is for Query
A is for Aaack! - April 6-17, 2009 ($20)

From Plot to Finish - May 11-22, 2009 ($55)

Those are just a few to start with. I also met an author named Connie who is contributing to an online

All the classes have fees, but they are much cheaper than writer's conferences and taking classes at the local community college. Plus, you can do them at home right on your computer! I hope this helps.



  1. YAY! Wow thanks for the info nikki! This is awesome!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to inform us. ;)



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