Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everyone needs a Simon

So, it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of American Idol. I've noticed something, no matter how mean Simon is, his opinion seems to matter the most to the contestants. Why? Because they know he's always being honest. I've decided that everyone needs a Simon in their life. Someone who will tell you the honest truth about your writing no matter how badly it hurts. Because then when that same person tells you how awesome it is, you know it really is. Just make sure that along with your Simon, you have loads of Paulas to keep you going.


  1. LOL! I LOVE/HATE Simon sooo much! But you're right he's usually right on! I just wish he wasn't sooo mean about it. And I do love the Simon's in my life, no matter how much they hurt, because they help me grow! Thanks for posting this.

  2. So true!! I can think of a couple of Simon's we know, and sometime I think we have to remember to be the Simon or at least be honest. I'd actually like to think I'm more like Randy because I give my honest opinion, but hopefully in a slightly nicer way than Simon does.

  3. You know... I am probably of the minority here, but I like Simon. I think that rarely is he actually trying to be mean. He is just brutally honest and knows being nice without meaning it will do these contestants no good. I almost always agree with him. So... Yay for Simon! ;)

  4. You gotta love Simon! I mean how cool would it be to say everything you really, truly thought and get paid for it?? LOL! I need more Simon's in my life. I always feel like I get alot of positive input even when I know it needs more work! So every bit of constructive critism I get is what I cherish the most. Well that and specific positive feedback. I mean, when someone says, "you know in that sentence the way your adjectives just shined really touched me!" I just really love when I get that. Ok, I've never gotten that, because that's just stupid, but you catch my drift, right? LOL!



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