Monday, July 27, 2009


I vividly remember the '84 Olympics. It was the year that it was held in L.A. My mother took us down to the beach and we watched as the torch passed from one runner to another along the sandy street. Later that year she took us to see the huge arena that was built for the events. It was truly beautiful an amazing to see and know that it all took place not more then 20 minutes from my home.
Recently I read an amazing story that took place for that very Olympics. It was the year of Joan Benoit's victory in the first Woman's Olympic Marathon but that is not the amazing part. It was her amazing recovery and win of the first U.S. women's Olympic Marathon Trials.
Just 17 days before, she agreed to have arthroscopic knee surgery because of agonizing pain from a locked up knee. When she came out of surgery she began to train for the nearly impossible task ahead, qualifying for the Olympic Trials (remember it's in less than 2 and a half weeks). She spent hours of physical therapy, iced knee and pedaling on her back from a bicycle suspended from the ceiling. This again was not the hardest or the most amazing part. She had to over come one of the hardest obstacles in her way, doubt! She had to erase all doubt, otherwise she was sure to fail. As you can see she won the trials, her first hurdle to her dreams of Olympic glory.
Now it's your turn to conquer DOUBT, the first step towards your Publishing Dream. Remember Joan Benoit through your agent and publishing "Trials" and get on that writing "bike" whether upside down or not and erase all doubt. Your Publishing Dreams are waiting to be won!


  1. Doubt and fear are always my biggest obstacles. Thanks for the inspiring story. I love to hear about people who succeeded against all odds.

  2. You're so awesome Mary! Great story! And thank you so much for your inspiring words! I needed to hear them today!

    (I hope this comment goes through, i've been having the hardest time on blogger --which is why you haven't seen me--)



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