Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Guest Blogger -- Crystal

I'm Crystal Collier--LDS mommy to 3, homeschooling while living in Utah, NYC, upstate NY, and now happy Orlando. (Ironically, no, we are not military--just insane.) I've been published in a couple literary magazines (small enough they're really not worth mentioning) for art, poetry & short stories, won awards in two film festivals, written & arranged for choirs/soloist/ensembles, am pushing a musical to Broadway, and currently publishing one of my novels online. (For free. Got sick of sitting on it.) I feel as compelled to write/create as I do to breath. Always have, always will. Three years back I found myself one literary agent richer, and several heartrending experiences shy. For better or worse I have a few things to share, mostly about the dream, about reaching no matter what, about developing ones' voice, and about unconventional means. The Lord works in mysterious ways.I've attached an older picture, one I endearingly call "Crossroads." Occasionally we face that fork in the road. Writing has always been mine.
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  1. I'm am so loving meeting all you great people. As a writer and a mom that works from home...well I don't get out much. It's so great to feel like I am meeting new people all the time! Keep those guest posts coming! I'm loving them!

  2. Oh wow. This is a surprise! I expected to send a bio & picture through a screening process (there I go with the paranoid-NYC mentality,) and then after being approved I might be allowed or denied the chance to post.

    Well, so long as it's here, hello everyone! I've been having so much fun participating the last several weeks! You have many wonderful thoughts and experiences, and I'm grateful to be a part.

  3. Hello Crystal nice to learn more about you. I will hope on over to your blog and read some more.

  4. I don't get out much either Nikki!:) It's nice to meet you Crystal!

  5. Crystal! It's great to see you on here! I had no idea you were in Orlando now. (Crystal and I went to high school together.) I know what you mean about moving insanity. I feel very crazy sometimes too. :)



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