Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guest Blogger -- Shanti Krishnamurty

I've never guest blogged before. I'm not a blogophile. So why am I doing this? Because Nikki asked me to. How do I know her? I met her through Jenni (who I also have yet to meet in 'real life').
I've been plugging steadily away at my third revision of my second ms (my first one is collecting dust at the moment) and that naturally led me to thinking about query letters and the oh so dreaded synopsis. Synopsis, singular. So does that mean the plural would be synopsii? Like octopus and octopii? Platypus and platypii? But I digress...I've already written the synopsis -- but wow, it wasn't easy. And the query letter hasn't even been a blip on the map. So what did I do? Naturally, I googled! And I found two absolutely *awesome* sites. With real query letters from authors who 'snagged' the agent. And synposis' that did the same. Holy cow! Soo much better than reading 'this is how you should write, blah, blah, blah.' I much prefer tried and true methods to some Joe X telling me the formula in a dry, step by step way.
Here is the query letter site I found
and, by the same person, the synopsii site
Now, to finish this revision, so I can take advantage of what I've found :)



  1. Wow, Shanti, thanks for sharing those sites. I love it when others do the research for me. And I know Shanti because I've had the privilege of reading her awesome book.

    And sorry I didn't get this post up earlier today everyone. I've been slacking.

  2. Thanks Shanti! I too love when others do the work for me. Everyone be sure to give Shanti a warm welcome! She is a wonderful cyber friend and a great writer!!

    Kasie, it's summer, we're all slacking! LOL! At least I feel like my brain works in slow motion in this heat!!

  3. I too have read Shanti's work and it is amazing!!! I can't wait till it is acually on my bookshelves.......

  4. Hi Shanti! You're awesome! Thanks for guest posting! And let me know when you're ready to send out that query!

    Love your book!

  5. Very cool! Thanks for visiting! Also... Hi Shanti! :)

  6. Heya, everyone :) Maybe I should come back here and visit more often, eh? LOL. And badger certain someones -- well, that'd be ALL of you. :P -- into joining me for NaNoWriMo. You know you want to...

    Tiff -- I have to send you my current WIP. I don't think you've read it yet... and I could always use a fresh eye :)



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