Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Retreats Rock, k?

I was lucky enough to attend a retreat this weekend and it was exactly what I needed. I had a blast, learned a lot, and am now super motivated to work on writing and editing. (Not a small feat since everything went crazy in my life and I haven't written or edited anything in over a month)

I was so impressed by how fun and kind everyone was and by how different we all are. I think everyone had at least one thing they were really good at--this is where I want to focus my post today.

As writers, we are forced to find our faults. We have to find the things we don't do well and work on them or we will never improve. Today I want to challenge you to find your strengths. What makes you fabulous?

For me, I am very good at writing queries and I have recently gotten very strong with opening chapters. How about you?


  1. I know what I think I'm good at but I have never been validated by other on those things. But opening chapters is NOT something that comes easily to me.

  2. I'm reworking my first three chapters this week and it's tough. I'm scrapping entire pages and trying to peel away the layers of fluff writing and get it stronger, better. Ahhh, work.

    I may try doing a writer's retreat with Natalie Goldberg (author, poet) in New Mexico sometime in the next year. Her writing sings.

  3. I think I can handle kissing scenes and dialogue pretty good! It was great to see you there! So fun! Jenni

  4. I can create an immediate and powerful sense of setting and my dialog rocks. I also write good action scenes. Still working on character emotions and internal thought process.

  5. I do pretty well with Romantic tension, kissing scenes etc. I have a hard time with opening chapters as well, but my endings are pretty good.:) I'm not the best at Settings.



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