Saturday, July 25, 2009

When We're All Rich and Famous

Last Sunday I joined my extended family at a reunion. There were the usual things to eat and plenty of little kids running around getting underfoot, but the thing that struck me as the funniest, is when my father announced that his daughter (me) was working on her first novel and was bound to be rich and famous soon. Everyone clapped (extremely embarrassing) and gave their well wishes, but there were others that wanted details. They were asking how much an author makes, what six figure number I was sure to get for it and how long before it would be a movie.

"HA!" was all I could say to all the enquiries. I'm sure I left many unanswered questions and maybe a few thinking it had already gone to my head because I was rudely ignoring them, but JEEESH! How do you answer questions like that? I mean, even if I did land a huge contract and was going to make mega bucks, do you think I would be spreading it around? NOT!!

So, for all of those who think I have a list of things I want to buy and places I want to go when I'm "Rich and Famous," here it is. I've limited it to ten, but please feel free to add yours to my list. I must warn you, however, this took me several minutes of actual thinking to come up with this many. LOL

1) A modest home.

2) Lose a few pounds

3) A tiny cabin tucked into the mountains.

4) A little space for my husband to tinker on his toys.

5) A few toys

6) Something cute to get around town in.

7) A tent to go camping.

8) Fishing equipment

9) Take in a show

10) Own a small piece of property to vacation on.

Also. Please feel free to tell us about your run-ins with people and their misconceptions of what a writer is really all about. I'd love to read them.


  1. Haha! I love it! The most common misconception people have is that you write a book and get published...and that's it. Simple as that. Of course, after they say something like that it is difficult for me to stop cracking we don't generally get to more questions. :P

  2. Love your list. :) I get these kinds of comments all the time. The one I get the most when I tell people I'm writing YA fantasy is: "Oh, you're going to be the next Stephenie Meyer." Or, "When is your book getting published." As though we just all have to get in a line when our books are written and eventually it will be our turn. :) I can't fault non-writers though. I had no idea the intricacies of the business before I was in it either.

  3. I often hear, "You write books? That's great, where can I buy them?"
    When I *try* explaining, I get the look. You know, the one like "You write books but I can't buy them? What, are you not any good?"


    Nice list though!

  4. Haha! I love it!

    I lived in NYC for a while, and there people are a little more realistic--since they live on "publishers corner".

    I remember going on a cruise in 2002--at the time tying up my first novel. When our dinner friends asked what I did for a living, my hubby told them I was nearly done with my first book. (Me with stars in my eyes!) They were so excited and supportive that I really wish I could have fulfilled their expectations and become glamorously famous, and invited them all to my beach house in Hawaii!

    Here's to daydreams eh?



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