Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to Forks!!!

I'm working on a new line of fabric designs to submit proposals/portfolios of my designs to fabric companies while I am still waiting to hear from publishers on my Craft/How to Books. While on my U.S.A circumnavigation of the Pacific Coast to the Rockies tour (this was my adventurous husband's idea of a vacation-7 people strapped into a mostly un-air conditioned car for 2 weeks straight, but I have to say that he was was pretty awesome), I was inspired by all of the scenery around me and started filling a sketch book full of designs. My 12 year old daughter during this car ride was inspired to write more of her book (she's getting better with each revision).

When you are out and about on vacation or at home, and even work try soaking in your surroundings; drawing on people, places and experiences for your book. You can even be like Stephanie Meyers and never leave your abode and research the Internet for the location in your book. What ever you choose, just explore! The world is truly beautiful and from what I have learned in my 2 weeks of exploration is that the place where you stand is "God's Country". From the tiniest dessert, remote location, or snowy glacier mountain top. It's beautiful! Explore it! There's a story to be told in any form!!!

I thought this sign from a Forks gift shop was pretty funny :)


  1. LOL! I love that help wanted sign! Too funny. I agree, we need to soak in the world around us with the eye of a child and let it seep into our unconscious so that it comes out in our writing!! I hope you had a great vacation!

  2. Sorry, I'm from God's country - and it ain't Forks, Washington! Too much rain!

    Now, about eight hours south of there is the grand old state of Oregon - THAT'S God's country right there!

  3. Hahahah! That sign is wonderful! i love it! And how fun for you to get to go on a trip and be inspired! I love it! Jenni

  4. You are so talented Mary, and your daughter is taking after you. It sounds like even without AC you guys are having fun. The sign is fun.



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