Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Hear Voices --- Guest Blogger Amber Lynae

About Amber Lynae: I am a person who is flirting with the goal of writing the novel that has been buying up my brain real estate for almost a year. No truthfully I am completely committed, and some day my baby will be born both black and white and as easy to read as a book. Which is not the case with my real daughter. She is 2 going on 12 and surprises me everyday with her wit, and humor. My husband of almost 6 years, won my heart when we were attending BYU. We now live in Virginia Beach, where it is my challenge to find a balance between : laundry, dishes, diapers, dirty, writing, mothering, sewing, cooking, and singing. To read more of my crazy life and thoughts head over to Seriously Amber Lynae.

In my attempts to improve my skill and tecnique as a writer I read many blogs by other aspiring (and some published) authors. The other day on Crash Tests Dummy Diaries I saw a quote that made me laugh. "WRITING IS A SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE FORM OF SCHIZOPHRENIA"

Why did it make me laugh? The previous night I was trying to figure out how I can understand some of the happenings of my plot better. I had this persistent voice in my head. It reminded me of how small children will stand there repeating, "Mom.... Mom.... Mom." until they finally get you to answer. That was the first night I sat down in some corner of my mind. Instead of thinking out the plot and my characters background, I sat down with the character that started all my story. Him and I had a nice chat. I saw his mannerisms. We laughed at stuff together. I had a friend in the corners of mind. No one knows him but me, and that makes me sad. He is a great kid.

I thought to myself I must be crazy but I was learning so much and I enjoyed our conversation. It was just as much fun as reading a good book. I talked to another aspiring writer, and she said she talked to her characters as well. I felt a little less crazy hearing her say that. Do you talk to you characters? I think you should.

-- Amber Lynae


  1. Nice to meet you, Amber. Well, you've been leaving comments for a while, so I guess I should say, nice to get to know you better. I talk to my characters ALL THE TIME!! And yes, I've fully accepted the fact that I'm a little bit crazy. :) But it's so much fun.

  2. I would worry if I didn't talk to or hear from the characters in my mind. I once read about an author that had a peripheral character that hadn't spoken to her yet, and that she was getting frustrated because the character was silent and she couldn't include her more in the story.

    Sometimes it's nice to be "crazy" because it liberates us to be more of who we really are!!

  3. Have you read "Project Mulberry" by Linda Sue Park? Every other chapter is a conversation between the author and the main character. I loved it. If my characters aren't talking to me yet, I don't feel ready to write.

  4. It's nice to meet you!:) I talk to my characters all the time as well. I'm glad to know it isn't happening to just me!:) Fun post!

  5. I love how vivid and rich imagination can be, especially when I can hear my characters speaking to me and when I can see their faces very clearly!

  6. ACK! Yes! they talk to me all the time!!!! Except now, I have so many characters talking to me from so many different books--I feel beyond crazed. Actually i'm so crazy now, that I tend to think it's normal to have conversations with my imaginary friends. So much so, i'll answer them outloud as I'm driving or walking or in he shower or something....Yes, I'm scary! LOL! But I love it! Jenni

  7. Lovely food for thought. I like that pic, too, of the people popping out of the head. After 4 kids in 5 yrs, I tell inquiring minds: My next baby will be a book. I like talking with the characters from my WIP, too. They are some of my best friends.

  8. Thank you all for commenting and letting me know that I may be crazy but it comes with the territory. While my engineer may be ready to ship me to the crazy house, it is good to know there is a community out there who understands some of the happenings in my head. :)



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