Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes it's rough

I told my husband once, "If I could choose, literally, ANY job in the world to do. It would be writing." This is my dream gig. It hasn't always been. There were times when I could never have imagined myself writing. Once I gave in to the urge and started though, I can't ever imagine my life without it.

Even with this passion for the job, there are times when it's rough. Times when I want to do anything but write or edit. One truth I've discovered: if I sit down anyway and make myself write/edit something--anything, I never regret it. If I give in and miss a few days on my WIP, I almost always regret it.

When do you struggle with finding the motivation to continue? Is it the rejection? Is it working through edit after edit? More importantly, how do you overcome it? What is the fastest way to rejuvenate your motivation?

A few quotes for those who are struggling today.

"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope." Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Fall seven times--stand up eight." Japanese Proverb

"Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines." Robert Schuller


  1. I love all this motivation. I love to write too. Best job ever! When I struggle it's mostly because I've hit a wall and am not sure how to get over or around it. But, like you, the best solution is to just sit down and write.

  2. Somedays it's easier than others but I try to keep the big picture in front of me and tell myself, "Your best stuff is still inside of you.". It helps keep me writing. Black licorice and diet coke don't hurt either ;)

  3. Music. If all else fails, blast the right mood music and ignore the rest of the world! Who cares what people say--unless they have a valid point... Take the good with the bad and enjoy the intermittent joys. I also find consistent writing hours train the brain into a "mode."

  4. My son once told me, "Mom, I want you to publish your books so other kids can like them as much as I do." That's good enough for me!

  5. Jenn you're an inspiration to us all! Love you! Love the post! Jenni

  6. Ironically, reading inspiring quotes helps me write more, return to my WIP, etc. Excellent post, girl!

  7. Thanks for all the positive responses girls. :) You're all inspiring.

  8. I really needed this today. Thanks.

  9. I needed this today as well.
    I start out loving a story, and after rereading and editing and revising and knocking my head against the desk, I find I've wondered into the lame process of hating it.

    Thanks :)



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