Sunday, July 5, 2009

Following the Promtings of the Holy Ghost

The Lord really does know best.

I have to keep reminding myself of that fact many times a day. Even though my life is in a series of unexpected heart falls and short triumphs, I have to see that Heavenly Father has a hand in all.

A couple of weeks ago. I had a TV producer call me. She had got my info from some people I was working on a story for, back in England. This TV producer lives in the US. She wanted to talk to me about making a movie for the children's book I was writing. I referred her to my agent and went on with my life (ei: settling in and seeing family for the first time since moving back to the US) The producer called me back, my agent hadn't got back with her. The producer was very busy and wondered if I could just email the story to her.

I prayed about it. Not sure what was going on with my agent... but I felt good about sending on the story. So I did. Explaining to the producer there wasn't enough material in the small story to make a movie. I told her she wouldn't like it.

She didn't. She called me two days later to tell me thanks, but no thanks. I talked to her for awhile wondering why I was still on the phone with her. Shouldn't she hang up now? Not wanting to be rude, I listened and chatted.

After several more minutes, the producer paused and said, "Hmm... there's something about you.... I don't know... I can't put my finger on it.... but..."

My heart began to pound. "Yeah?"

"Can you write better than this?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Can you write better? What do you normally write? Is there something else you normally write other than children's books?"

"Yes. I write for YA and Middle Grade."

"Hmm... is there any way I can see a couple of those books? Just to see how you write. I may still use you to rewrite this children's book for me. But first I want to audition your work and see how well you write."

Long story short, without the advice of my agent (who still hadn't got back to me) and with much prayer, I sent Pride & Popularity to the producer, with the promise of sending book two of the Austen series after that. She promised to get back to me the following week to let me know what she thought.

Finally get a hold of my agent, she cautions me and believes this producer is a fraud. I panic for a second until the Spirit calms my heart and reminds me I'm doing what the Lord wants.

The producer calls me the next day, she wants all of the JA books, not caring what stage I'm at with them she wants to read them all. Another reassurance from the Spirit and I send them to her. She calls a few hours later and offers to produce the whole series. She's excited. I'm freaking out.

I call my agent. She doesn't believe this lady is real, she's positive she's not. TV producers do not contact unknown, unpublished authors. Again the Spirit calms me down. My agent has just had her twins prematurely, but promises to get a hold of the producer when she has a moment. She passes me on to an associate to talk to me about the producer, just in case this may be the real deal.

The associate is supposed to call the producer, but doesn't. Instead she calls me to tell me this lady is a fraud, it doesn't happen this way, there is no way this producer is legit and she wasn't going to call the producer and even talk to her because it would be wasting her time. I cry. The producer calls a few hours later wondering why the associate hasn't called, I have to tell her she wont' be calling. The producer is livid.

It's a huge mess. I'm a crying mess. The Spirit again calms me down.

I write a letter to my agent, knowing she is going through her own crisis, but telling her all that has happened and how much I believe this producer is real. That I know she is and to please take her seriously.

My agent calls and we talk and she agrees to talk to the producer. Thursday my agent calls me back, she is amazed and happy for me. The producer is real. She's legit and she's really interested in my work. She loves my story. And after talking to my agent for awhile, she's agreed to go slowly and work on one book contract at a time.

The producer calls me she is excited, loves speaking to my agent and will have her lawyer contact my agent on Monday about a contract for book one in three months. Yes, this world moves slowly. It's still a long uphill battle, but the producer would like to meet with me in August, depending on schedules. And she has to see if she can get TV affiliates, directors and such to back the story as well, before she can close a deal. So there's still a lot of prayer to go into this. And it may all be gone in the blink of an eye, but for the moment... I'm grateful I chose to listen to the Spirit--no matter how unlikely it seems--and do what the Lord would have me do.

And I have to realize that if the Lord went to this much trouble for me already, then he isn't about to give up yet.

The Lord really does know best.


  1. Wow!!!! Congratulations! When in doubt, the Spirit always leads us in the directions we should go. I am very excited for you! Congratulations again!!

  2. Jenni!!!! No more gag order? :) That's so awesome. And what a story. If I've learned one thing it's that this industry is slow but the rewards are always worth the wait. I'm so proud of you.

  3. Congratulations! That is awesome!:)

  4. Wow, what a great story! Thanks for sharing and good luck with all of it!

  5. Holy Cow! Jenni, this is GREAT! I think I would have had a heart attack getting through that one.LOL I'm also glad you listened to the spirit. I've had several instances where I've not wanted to do something, then heard that voice telling me different. On the occasions when I've listened, great things have happened. Good Luck and keep us informed.


  6. Congrats on all of it! And to your agent for her new twins!! That's awesome! Your ability to be so close to the spirit at all times is always an inspiration to me. It's also a testimony that by raising my children in the church their whole life they will hopefully be quicker at recognizing the spirit in their lives and not have to learn it later in life like me. With the spirit our potentials are truly limitless, especially when we believe that like you do Jenni! Thanks for always being such a great example to me!!

  7. Jenni-I am so excited for you! I wish I had your phone number because I think that if I could call you right now I would scream in your ear. And thanks for the message. It's hard to listen to the Spirit when life pulls a fast one on you (good or bad), and it was a good reminder to stay in tune.

  8. Thanks everybody for the wonderful comments. You guys are AWESOME!!! I was totally jumping up and down a couple of weeks ago. I mean like in TOTAL shock. Now with the ups and downs of the whole drama, I can look at it calmly. I'm definitely not going to freak out again until I have a signed contract in my hand. LOL! But it's sure exciting dreaming about it. I'm just grateful the Spirit has guided me as much as He has. And it just goes to show when he closes a door another one opens. The Lord is awesome isn't He?

  9. That is just so awesome. I will jump up and down for you now and keep praying for that contract. I am glad the spirit kept you lift up with the ability to see the glass half full not half empty. I think I would have been throwing the glass at the wall out of frustration.

  10. Jenni--this brought tears to my eyes. You are such a stalwart saint! When the mists of darkness overtook you, the great and spacious building laughed and laughed at you, trying to pull you away from the iron rod, you clung, trusting with all of your might the Lord.
    I am in total awe of you. Congratulations--you are so awesome!!!!!

  11. I teared up when I read this, Jenni. This is so amazing, and I'm very, very happy for you.
    I think it's incredible how true you were to those promptings, despite what you were being told, and you stuck to your guns. Imagine what would have happened had you chosen to believe she was a fraud, like the rest.
    Good for you, and congrats! Your hard work deserves it!



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