Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Perspiration/Inspiration/The Muse/Tow-Truck

Lately, I've been feeling a little tug at the back of my mind.Okay, it started as a tug and has turned into a tow-truck. It is hooking me up and hauling me away. It wants me to write something I'm entirely uncomfortable with.

I tried ignoring it. I tried plugging my ears and humming to myself. I tried crossing my arms and pouting. It is insistent--and becoming somewhat annoying.

I know how persistent the voices of my characters can be, and I've grown accustomed to them. We get along fine, and I have plenty of ideas from them to keep me busy for years to come.

So, why is this new and unfamiliar idea demanding my attention? Can't it see I'm busy? Can't it see that I don't know what to do with it? Clearly, I am not the right person for this particular venture.

It doesn't care.

It wants me and I am going to have to give in.

So, ladies, I suppose some time in the not too distant future--I will be venturing into the frightening world (for me anyway) of non-fiction...

and it scares my little booties off.

Anyone else have an experience like this? Any ideas or advice... words of comfort or maybe just magical earplugs would be much appreciated. :)


  1. You know, non-fiction tends to be more profitable, and easier to break into. Go with it eh?

  2. Well you could what I did when that happened to me, but I don't recommend it. I wrote down the idea complete with outline and worksheets and set the idea aside to look at it when I had time. Two years later I found my idea on a bookshelf and kicked myself for not following through. The Lord will give our ideas away. It's happened to me a couple of times now. So go with the idea, get it done then move on.

  3. You'll love it! Non-fiction is so much easier to write. With fiction you have two problems - you've got to make up something, and then you have to convey it to the reader. With non-fiction, all you have to do is convey.

  4. Everything happens for a reason. I just broke into non-fiction with Jasmine and it led me to Lauren Taylor the TV Producer. So I say write, when the muse kicks in write. I can't believe how many times I've heard authors Begging to get a muse, but nothing comes. You're just naturally blessed! (Plus the idea sounds awesome! )

  5. I can't say that this has happened to me; however, I will you much luck. You can do it.

  6. Nonfiction scares the heck out of me! Even reading it!;) Good luck in your new endeavor!:)

  7. Sometimes if I switch to a new idea, after awhile I turn back to my old idea with a vengeance. Maybe that is what this is for you, or maybe it is something GREAT. Either way you should heed the nagging.



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