Thursday, July 9, 2009

Top 10 ways you know you're a writer

by, Kasie West

10-You narrate your own life.

9- You hear voices in your head and the only way to silence them is to tell their story.

8- The best way for someone to become your friend is for them to tell you they love your work.

7- The easiest way for someone to become your enemy is for them to criticize your work.

6- You are rejected more now than you ever were in high school.

5- Your daily mood is directly correlated to your daily word count.

4- The blinking cursor has become your nemesis. Seriously, as in, if there were a way to kill it, you would.

3- You spend more time with your imaginary friends than with your real ones (and you’re perfectly fine with that).

2- If you’re not writing you’re wishing you were.

1- For you, writing falls into the same category as breathing, eating, and sleeping (the last two being optional).

I made this list when I first started writing and it hasn't changed much. What about you? Can you add anything the list? How do people know you're a writer?


  1. Oh, man! You nailed it!

    #1 reminds me I haven't eaten breakfast.

  2. Ok, I'll play. #11 Your husband won't watch T.V with you anymore because you make up your own endings.
    #12 You yell at your kids for not buying a single book at the school book fair and tell them you'll never get a book deal, cuz kids don't read anymore! (Ok, so it wasn't my proudest mommy moment, but it was the week I got rejection after rejection from agents.)

    I loved your list! I related really well with most of them. Unfortunately for me #1 isn't true. I have to work really hard to write, it's never come easy for me. Once I get in the groove it's easier, but never like breathing. I do envy you guys that.

  3. Jordan, yes, go eat. :)

    Nikki, I always predict endings. LOL I love your number 12. I made my children buy books at the book fair too. And then the other day, I spent 60 dollars (okay, more) at Barnes & Nobles and when my husband raised his eyebrows at the receipt, I said, "What?? I'm supporting my industry."

  4. I've got #13. You're friends are afraid to reveal any of their secrets or even some of their daily activities because they're afraid it will be in your next book...LOL

    AND #14. You practice your autograph on every scratch piece of paper in the house.

    Great Post Kasie. Love it.

  5. This is adorably funny/true! Thanks. :)

  6. LOLOLOL! This is AWESOME! I'm all about flattery now. I need it. I crave it. Yet, I would never admit it... er, wait I just did! LOL! This list is AWESOME Kasie! Seriously! You had me crackingup! ANd I'm so with you on #1!!! Also Christine--#14!!! LOLOLOLOL! I won't admit that I do it too, okay. You can't prove anything!

  7. This list looks perfect to me! While not a big time published author (yet), my life fits into these patterns, too. Especially the one, "When I'm not writing, I'm wishing I were." So true!

  8. Oh dude, I always narrate my own life. Whenever I am not in conversation with someone else (or even sometimes when I am) I am writing in my head. Scary really. The voice doesn't ever actually turn off.

  9. And #15 - You're not afraid to talk openly about (and to) the voices in your head, because everyone around you knows your a writer, so they won't have you committed!

  10. I love your list Kasie and the additions.

  11. #16 You drive by an isolated industrial facility in the middle of the desert and shout out to everyone else in the car, "Oooo... wouldn't that be a great setting for the climax of a mystery novel?"

  12. Christine, oh, yes, I'm constantly thinking of how I can turn stories into books. I wonder if that's why my friends stopped telling me stories. LOL And who practices their autograph? Not me. :)

    Kristy, thanks.

    Jenni, yes, flattery gets you everywhere with me. LOL

    Terresa, I'm always wishing I were writing. Even when I'm staring at the screen and nothing is coming to me. LOL

    Mommy J, my husband hates that I do this. He comes into the room and I'll say something like, "He comes into the room wearing a sly grin, his wife wonders what he's up to." Then he rolls his eyes. It's really an annoying habit. I've gotten better about it.

    Weston, yes, people have accepted my odd behavior as well, good one.

    Amber, thanks. :)

    Rebecca, dude, always do this. In church the other day someone hung a picture up of the hope diamond and I told the girl sitting next to me that I could write a killer story about that necklace. The curse of the necklace. I really need to stop. :)

  13. You know you're a writer when you're not disappointed because your husband doesn't like the name you picked for your unborn child. After all, you can always use the name for the character of your next book instead!

  14. Ahahaha! Oh yes, you've got it perfectly right! So me!



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