Saturday, January 2, 2010

And So the Story Goes

Yep, it's Saturday again and here I am racking my brain, trying to think of something to write about and coming up empty. Sorry sisters (and brethren who visit us often), but my brain is mush. Maybe it's all this talk of resolutions or perhaps I've just eaten too much Christmas fudge. Whatever the reason, I got nothin'.

So, I thought maybe it would be fun to do a little exercise. How about writing a fun short story. Each of you can add a sentence or two and take it in any direction you like. I'll give it a few days and then try to end it with a final paragraph or two (that is if someone doesn't kill off all the characters by then).

Okay, lets go with clean YA romance for our genre, maybe it will get us in the mood for Valentine's Day. (I know. Who wants to think that far ahead, right.) You're limited to 3-4 sentences, so make them count. I've provided a picture for inspiration. Have fun. The first one to comment gets to give it a title. Enjoy!


  1. The Last Kiss

    Why wouldn't he kiss me?

    I knew he wanted to. I'd seen it in his eyes last night as we stood bathed in the yellow light on my front porch. He had searched my face, his breath had quickened, he leaned forward. I almost closed my eyes.
    But then his teeth clenched, and he backed away with an empty smile. "Goodnight," he said, and tweaked my nose with his finger. Then he turned and walked back to his car, leaving me desolate.

    Was he messing with me, or did I have horrible bad breath or something? I couldn't figure it out.

  2. I watched him the next day at school. I hid behind my locker door as he swept down the hallway. People followed him like leaves followed the wind. Almost like they had no choice, then when they were far enough behind his pull they realized they had other things to do. Was I only swept up in his pull too, or was it something more?

  3. I ground my teeth and shook my head, slamming my locker shut. Well, I will not play his game. I will stay my own. I will . . .

    My thoughts scattered when I suddenly realized I stared deep into those endless pools of hazel dreams.

    How? I swallowed and forgot how to breathe.

    He leaned close to me. His hand bracing his weight. His smile slow.

    (C'mon! This is fun, we need more writers for this story!!)

  4. Was he going to tweak my nose again? He glanced down at my black blouse and brushed his hand lightly over my shoulder.

    "What a woman," he said. "Only a few flakes."

    I was mortified. Had I forgotten to use my Head and Shoulders that morning? I ducked under his outstretched arm and slunk away.

  5. (Oh, you guys are doing GREAT! Keep it up. If you want, you can write more than once. Just let a couple people contribute between your posts so the story takes on some fun twists. Dandruff...LOL Loving this.)

  6. In the bathroom I furiously slapped at my shoulders trying to rid them of any traitorous flakes. Flakes! I didn't have dandruff--I couldn't!

    Disgusted with myself for even caring what Eli thought, I forced my hands to the edge of the sink and gripped them, hard, on the cold smooth surface.

    "Get over yourself. Get over HIM," I commanded myself.

    Standing up straight, I squared my shoulders. I smiled. It would have to do. Nodding once at my reflection I turned and marched out of the bathroom . . . and crashed right into him.

  7. "Oh, hey Neandra," he steadied my arm as I stumbled back. "You okay there?"
    "Yes," I said in an icy hiss.
    "So, uh, you doing anything after work tonight?"
    Studying for my algebra test, I thought. Then I made the mistake of looking up into his eyes.
    My brain locked.
    "No, not really." I murmured.

  8. The tiny pull at the corner of his mouth had me mesmerized. He watched me through the long, black sweep of his lashes and my mouth dropped open.

    I heard him laugh through his nose, his white teeth catching my attention as his smile widened. "Good," he whispered as he reached down and grabbed my hand, his thumb gliding across my knuckles. "I would like to explore our unkiss."

    "Hey, Neandra!" I heard someone calling out my name. We both turned and found Gary bearing down on us. A great frown on his round face.

    "Later," Eli murmured, his hand dropping mine. He was gone.

  9. “I can’t believe you’re doing it again.” Gary folded his arms. Eli might have made a hasty exit but Gary’s disapproval was very much present.

    “Don’t start, G. Nothing happened and nothing’s going to.” I squared my shoulders and dove into the teeming sea of high school hormones. I had to weave. Gary was a human snow plow.

    “Nothing’s happened yet. Give an eel enough time and slime will out.”

    “Don’t you think you’re being—”

    “Slime. Will. Out.”

  10. Neandra wondered why Gary even cared. It's not like he'd ever shown any interest toward her. No one had. Except for Eli. Wasn't she pretty? Her friends all told her she was funny, surely that should count for something. She had the perfect 'knock knock' joke that would always break the ice.

  11. She opened her mouth to speak but Gary walked away before she could demand that he leave her alone. The nerve!

    She told herself she didn't care. Afterall, she'll be seeing Eli later. Wasn't that what she wanted anyway?

  12. I spent the rest of the day trying to avoid both of them. That's all I needed was to have them at each other's throats. What I couldn't figure out was why they hated each other so much. They didn't run in the same crowd; they were total opposites. Gary was a straight laced Mormon, while Eli was a bit of a bad boy. Not that I cared. I knew he was good at heart.

  13. When I got off work and headed for the darkened parking lot, I noticed Eli lounging against my car. He lifted his fingers toward me--a gesture I took to be a hello, and I heard him clear his throat.
    "So about our unkiss the other night..."
    My heartbeats stumbled over each other in a race to infuse my face with the flaming red color that betrayed my hidden emotions. I licked my lips. "I've got a lot of studying tonight--algebra test, you know."

  14. My hands shook as I tried to find my car keys as I got closer. I cussed myself out for all the dramatic torture of thoughts I had of him during my shift.

    And yet he was here. Here in the flesh. All lure and coolness. All six feet and four inches of him. All long lashes, flowing hair and knowing glances.

    I hated him for that.

  15. "What made you think I wanted to kiss you?" I tossed at him with what was meant to be a careless shrug. I tried to keep the hurt out of my voice.

  16. "Everyone wants to kiss me," he replied, moving closer. I could smell him now, and it was better than a dream. His minty breathe called to me, and I forgot why I should resist.

    Gary's warning came back to me now, and I wondered what he had meant about slime. She sure couldn't see anything that looked even remotely like slime.

    Then she remembered something else. She brushed at her shoulders, hoping it looked inconspicuous, like she was really just flicking her hair. Why hadn't she checked for dandruff before she left the store?

  17. A tiny smirk played with the corner of his mouth and I looked away, embarrassed that he'd noticed. An instant later, his finger tip tucked under my chin and gently pulled my face so that our eyes met again. My heart fluttered within my chest as he leaned in.

    (I've asked Liz to finish this up for us ladies. She is the master of kissing scenes, so hold on to your hats. Thanks to all those who participated. This was so much fun)

  18. I closed my eyes and listened to the warmth of his face. The warmth of his breath that tickled my chin. The warmth of his body as it roped me closer.

    "But I don't care for any of them." His whispered words sent me reeling back into my daydreams. "I want my unkiss, Neandra . . ."

    I relished the sound of my name on his tongue and lifted my mouth to his. Hoping. Yearning. Begging. It was so unlike me and I blushed. I didn't turn away.

    The graze of his lips against mine sent sparks through my veins. I gasped. My hands clutched his shoulders for balance as his kiss deepened. His arms wrapped tighter around my waist. His hair brushed across my cheek. His presence engulfed me and I welcomed it.

    Sweet. Wild. Oh so Magical. There was no body else. Gary was so wrong about Eli. He wasn't slimy at all.

  19. THE END!

    Thank you ladies. We'll have to do this again very soon. HUGS

  20. (This was so much fun! Thank you for everyone's participation! This would have been impossible! I would love to do this again--if any of you want to do it on your personal blogs, please keep me in mind and let me know! Thank you and Happy New Year!)

  21. That was wicked fun Chris. Thanks! And congrats to everyone ~ you all added something really cool to the story :)

  22. Hey guys. I'm doing another story over on my blog today. It's a Murder Mystery and there's a list of items you have to try to use in it. Fun stuff. Check it out.



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