Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No One is Perfect . . .

My sister sent me an *email, a motto for her Homemaker's group! I hope this will help a little with the start of our grand 2010! Let's make the best of what we have!

Someone will always be prettier.
Someone will always be smarter.
Some of their houses will be bigger.
Some will drive a better car.
Their children will do better in school
And their husband will fix more things around the house.
So let it go, and love you and your circumstances
Think about it!
The prettiest woman in the world can have trouble in her heart.
The most highly favored woman on your job may be unable to have children.
The richest woman you know, she's got the car, the house, the clothes~ might be lonely.
So, love who you are.
Look in the mirror in the morning and smile and say,

'I am too Blessed to be Stressed and too Anointed, to be Disappointed!'
'Winners make things happen~~ Losers let things happen.'
Be 'Blessed' sisters and pass this on to encourage another woman.
'To the world you might be one person, to me you are special!

*I've changed a few words to fit!


  1. Thanks for this post, Elizabeth! We all tend to spend too much time comparing ourselves to others. Thanks for reminding us to STOP IT and REJOICE IN WHO WE ARE!

  2. The problem with comparing ourselves to others is that we compare our weaknesses with their strengths. In that scenario, it's no wonder we always seem to come up short.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post Liz. I'll have to print that off and hang it on the fridge.

  4. Ooh! Very good! I loved this post Liz! Thank you for sharing. And I hear you, it's not worth it to compare ourselves, everyone has trials, everyone feels less than they are at some point. It's just remembering that we are special and we each have our own unique voice and talents to share.

  5. That is super nice and sweet. I love the "I am too Blessed to be Stressed and too Anointed, to be Disappointed!"

  6. You are welcome! I thought it was too good to pass u! I think I will print it up and put it on my fridge too!



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