Monday, January 4, 2010

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of "Those" days when you hoped to accomplish so much and in actuality very little happened? Well it was one of those baby powder, toilet paper endless laundry all over the house days for me. I was about to hang my head in frustration but, I remembered that I had not yet written for my Monday spot on our blog! So I racked my brain with something inspirational when I decided to take a dose of my own medicine! So I began writing a list of all of the things that I had accomplished! It may not have been on my list but it was accomplished none the less.

My Achievement List for the Day:

(It may not be a lot but at least it was something and that perked me up a little bit and encouraged me to not throw in the towel)

  • 1 load of laundry washed
  • Changed a bunch of diapers
  • Witnessed my 13 year old change her first newborn baby diaper
  • Got 3 kids to exercise 30 minutes each on treadmill
  • Baby nursed and held all day
  • Helped 3 kids finish a day and a half of home school
  • Dished washed from baby blessing buffet for 40 people
  • House put back together after baby blessing party
  • Morning prayer + scriptures with kids
  • Called and talked to oldest son who went to grandparent's house for the week
  • Organized and got rid of 1 big box of stuff
  • Cleaned up baby powder and toilet paper mess around house
  • Did flash cards of times tables with son (he knows tables 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's
  • Talked with sister
It wasn't all that I wanted to do today but as I wrote out the list I realized it wasn't "nothing". So if you are having one of "Those" days, write a list of what you have actually accomplished. If it was just feed yourself and the kids and pick up after them..don't be so hard on yourself. If you really think about it there was love and learning in there too. After you write out your list blog it, comment it here or file it away for a future character. Every day counts and every thing you do has a ripple effect on those around you...even if you don't see it. It counts and most of the time it's the little things that are remembered by your kids and others.

So have a great one of "Those" days. :)


  1. Oh Mary! I'm sorry that it felt crazy for you. You are right...every minute spent with the kids (even if it's as simple as nursing and drying noses) counts. I need to remember that and do the little mundane things more often.

    I look back on my day and see that it has been productive. A bit too productive when I question when I had squeezed in some time spent with the kids and come up with blanks. That is sad! I will work harder on spending more time with my babies!

    I hope tomorrow is better! ((hugs))

  2. WOW! You sure did a LOT! That is amazing. I was feeling slumped because it is the first day of back-to-work after the holidays, but when you put it that way...

    What did I do today? I took the parakeet to the vet, finished packing away Christmas decorations, tried a new recipe for lemon trifle, read 154 pages of my manuscript, practiced the piano, went biking with two of my boys, made sure ALL the homework got done, cooked leftover turkey enchiladas, made sure ALL the dishes got washed, had FHE, ate some of the lemon trifle (recipe still needs work), put five children to bed, and got another blog post written for MMW!

    Phew! I'm tired. See you in the morning.

  3. What a great idea! We all do much more than we give ourselves credit for. And if you think about it, we are doing the important things.



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