Friday, January 1, 2010

Life, the Universe and Everything 2010

In February, there is a FREE Sci Fi/Fantasy writer's conference at BYU, and guess who's going? That's right! ME! Ok, so there will be some really cool authors there too like Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner, and L.E. Modesitt, but the important thing is that I'm going! I'm so excited. I live in AZ so even a free conference costs me a plane ticket and guess what Santa brought? Money for my plane ticket! There will be about 5 other MMW's going to the conference. My question is, who else is going? Maybe we could have a MMW meet up! It could be fun. For more information on the conference click here

Our friend Jenn Johanssen went to this conference last year, here's what she has to say:

I've been to several writer's conferences in the last year, but LTUE was my favorite. It was informal and informative. The authors/panelists were entertaining and helpful. They also were incredibly friendly and happy to answer questions and spend time with aspiring authors. They had a very talented group of people participating from a variety of areas. I also enjoyed that they had panels on a variety of aspects of writing. They had panels on Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but also panels on World Building, maintaining Tension, writing a good hook, and many others. It was awesome... I would have glady paid money to attend again--but it's free--which only makes it better. If you are a writer and live in/or are able to visit Utah in February... I highly recommend attending.

Also, there is a contest going on Cami Checkett's Blog be sure to check it out! It's great to get to know more mormon mommy writers! I would love to see you in person at the LTUE conference!


  1. I really hope to be there, even if I have to ditch my family reunion.

  2. That's a long weekend for the public schools here in Nevada, so if the weather looks good we might give it a try.

  3. Thanks for sharing the info about the conference. What a fun Christmas present for you! Even if I don't write sci/fi you'd suggest going?

    Thank you also for sharing my contest. Here's the link -
    There are a lot of LDS and Christian authors participating in the giveaways. If any of the Mormon Mommy Writers would like to have their book spotlighted and given away, let me know - camichecketts(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  4. I don't think I can make it but I think I might be at the LDS Storymakers Conference in Provo in April. Is anyone going to be there?

  5. Cami-thanks for the link to your blog, it sounds like a fun contest, I'll make sure to enter too! I don' think you have to write Scifi/Fantasy to go to the conference. I went to a Romance conference once and benefitted greatlty from the classes even though I don't write romance

    Amber-I had to choose between the two conferences because of the distance and I just chose LTUE because it's in my genre, and it had a full day more than Storymakers. But I do know several people that are going to that one, including Aprilynne Pike, and Sarah M. Eden (a couple of the presenters). It should be a great conference. I believe Jenni James is going as well. You will have a good time!

  6. I work at BYU, so I'll have to pop in when I can.



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