Monday, January 18, 2010

It's raining outside her in sunny California and it's time for a perk me up Craft Moment! I thought you might be able to use these cute pushpins to brighten up your space as well :) These sturdy little numbers make me happy to pin up artwork, lists and even bills :)
All you need is:
Large Pushpins (I found these over sized beauties at Wal-mart)
Glass stones (buy them by the bag. One side is flat and one is bubbled)
E-6000 glue
Fabric Scraps (I used bandannas)
Step 1: Trace the fat part of the pushpin onto fabric with a pencil/pen and cut out fabric to fit over the top of pushpin and generously glue.
Step 2: Generously glue glass stone onto fabric covered pushpin and let dry (I let them dry by having the push pin lay with glass stone on a flat surface with the pin side up).
I have used these pushpins for years and the stone stays glued on. E-6000 glue is awesome :)
***Note: I also did this same technique on a really thick sturdy magnet that is about the same circumference as the stone (found those at Michael's if you have one or any craft store will do). They work great as fridge magnets :)
Have Fun,
Be Creative,
Look Fantastic!
It's Your Time To Shine!!!


  1. Oooooh... I have all of this stuff lying around the house already. I'm going to try it right now! Thanks!

  2. I have a bulletin board in my office that is screaming for someone to give it a lift. Gonna do this, for sure. Thanks!!



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