Monday, January 11, 2010

Make Mistakes

I recently saw an interview of an artist/designer that use to be in my ward and is now a great success! (click on the photo to go to link). In the interview she said a few things that I know relates to authors as well (aren't we artists/ designers of the mind?) The things that jump out to me are:
#1 "Don't say no to yourself... edit later." Just do it and write what comes to you. Have no fear!
#2 Have your fabric out so you will use them to inspire you (in our terms: Have your computer/writing notebook out so when you have a spare moment you will write).
#3 Keep a sketchbook near by (you never know when inspiration hits).
#4 "Give yourself permission to exercise your creative muscle!"
#5 Be in an inspiring space (find a writers nook all your own if possible).
#6 Involve your family in the creativity!

She also has a fun east craft tutorial to watch!


  1. Wow, how so true is this! I really agree and especially with writing and not worrying about editing. I've found that I had to give myself permission to write freely and not worry about rules--sometimes the 'sword' of rules that hangs over my head stifles my creativity! Thank you Mary! :)

  2. Wow. She's certainly talented, huh? Great advice and applicable to so many things!

  3. Love that #1 hint - edit later! I think I'm going to live by that principle from now on.

  4. This is an awesome video and post, Mary! What an inspiration she is!




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