Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life is Beautiful

I am feeling solemn as I write this. Our ward has had another death—this time it was one of our Young Men. He was suffering from severe depression and it had only worsened the last 2 months. His mother did everything she could, including home schooling. He had actually begun to show a turn around.

During his funeral, our bishop encouraged every person present to enjoy life. The sound of a baby’s laugh. The smell of flowers. The warmth of an embrace. The joy of a smile. As he said this, I cried because this young man lost his chance to experience the joys of serving a mission, marrying in the temple, having a family and holding his babies as they are born, along with many more pleasures this life has to offer. But we know he is in a happier place.

On Sunday, the topic was on the Plan of Salvation. I am ever grateful for Christ’s love for me and how He sacrificed His life so that I can live with my Heavenly Father again.

In times of darkness, when all seems lost and impossible—remember to hold tight to the iron rod. We are truly loved and blessed by our Father in Heaven and never, ever are alone. If we could only view ourselves as He does, we would stand in awe every moment of the day.

To David


  1. Thank you for that beautiful post. So sorry to hear of such a tragic loss.

    I believe one of our missions as storytellers is to impart hope, to show that even when darkness surrounds us, if we hold on the storm will pass and the morning will come.

  2. Wow! This really touched my heart and was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks Liz.

  3. This was amazing liz. That song had me in tears.... and I'm so sorry for your ward's loss.


  4. Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts here. I really appreciate you guys!! ((hugs))



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