Saturday, January 30, 2010

Overcoming Limitations & Obstacles

In the past I've made it a habit to post the same thing here on MMW as I do to my personal blog "Day Dreamer" on Saturdays. Today, however, I'm stealing my post from Thursday to share with you. If you are a frequent visitor and follower of my blog, I apologize and if you are NOT a follower to "Day Dreamer" SHAME ON YOU! Get over there right now and become one. I need all the followers I can get and I love making new friends. Okay, I know. That was a little too demanding, but it was better than seeing a grown woman on her knees begging, right? Am I right?

So here's the post. I hope it gives you that kick in the rear we all need sometimes to keep writing.

My niece sent me these pictures in an email this morning and as I scrolled down, taking in each exquisite detail of the artist's rendition of these beautiful animals, I thought how wonderful it would be to be born with such a natural talent. To be able to pick up a simple pencil in your hand and craft something so real, so breathtaking, so extraordinary.

I thought about my own talents and my meager gift as a writer and wondered if I'd ever be at the same degree of excellence, jealous that someone could have an easier time expressing themselves and letting their muse flow out on the page.

I thought about all the limitations and obstacles I have each day that keep me from fulfilling my dream. The mundane day to day chores, children interrupting, church callings, phone calls, errands and all those little things I let get in the way of my own muse.

And then there are the excuses. Writer's block. Too busy. Not enough hours in the day. Self doubt. Listening and believing those that have negative things to say, like you're too old, too young, not educated enough, not outgoing enough, not GOOD ENOUGH.

By the time I got to my favorite, this tiger, I thought of my character, Toran. He's a white tiger. I thought of the scenes I'd put him in and how much I enjoyed creating him, believing in him and loving him. Me--I created Toran. I breathed life into him. I gave him a personality, a voice. And then I thought of how much I loved doing that, how it is my passion and how horrible it would be if I lost my talent and couldn't create anymore. It was then that I came to the last picture, a photograph of the artist. The lead of his pencil perfectly poised against the surface of the paper.

Meet Doug Landis. A man who has let nothing get in the way of his gift, nothing stop him from achieving his dream. A man truly without excuses, without obstacles, without limitations, not because they are not there, but because he chose to ignore them, to beat them. Regardless of the fact that he has no arms, he has overcome those things that held him back, not listened to those who told him he couldn't, and become the best at what he does.

So, to all of us, no more excuses! Keep trying, keep writing, keep submitting, keep believing and keep dreaming. It will come. (Now go to my blog and become a follower.....please) *tip toeing out of the room*


  1. I once watched a movie called the Diving Bell and the Butterfly about a man who was paralyzed and dictated his entire memoir by blinking. So when I think writing is hard for me, it's good to remember him.

  2. Very inspiring...esp since I've been having the same reservations about my own writing lately.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful lesson for us all! A truly inspiring post--and one that makes you so grateful for the abilities and stumbling blocks you have!

    Thank you!

  4. That is beautiful. And not give up like that. Amazing.

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing that beautiful art and inspiring story! What I needed today for sure.

  6. What a wonderful post. I love how you linked your thoughts about writing to something so challenging and rewarding. No, it's not easy, but we can still succeed. Thank you. (and hey, I'm a follower on your personal blog now too.)

  7. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and expecially to Kim and Melissa for putting me up over 60 followers. I can see the 100 mark in my near future. YIPPEE!!!



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