Sunday, January 10, 2010


Can you believe it's our first birthday? I'm so excited! This blog has actually survived a whole year and is thriving just as the Lord promised me a year ago, this week, while I was in the temple...

MMW's Story starts with me in the celestial room and the Lord truly explaining why he's called me to write--because I was baffled and unsure, and wanted to be positive I was meant to ignore friends and my life as much as I had... These were some of his words:

Jennifer, you are one of the many of my writers being called to come forth at this time. You are one of the strong ones who stands against Satan. Now is the time for my writers. Now, when Satan has control of everything surrounding the youth of this church--the media, television, songs, movies, magazines...everything. A time when my warriors are being subject to so much of Satan's wrath. Now is the time for my writers to come forth. My brave, celestial writers--to stand against Satan and his followers and write good, wholesome books for the youth to turn to. Strong, valiant heroes and heroines. A chance to fall in love with good faithful boys and want to be as the characters in your books. You have a great mission to fulfill, Jennifer. Just as all of my writers called now--are seeing. You must stand strong. If you do, if your characters are written by me and for me, they will succeed. You will see your work go forth and touch multitudes.

I ask you now, to please gather these writers together. Let them see your success and gain hope and courage from it. There are many young mother's like yourself, drawn and feeling called to write for me right now--gather them. Let them see that you can succeed in this industry, by breaking the mold, and creating good, clean righteous characters. And you will, I promise you, you will change the world one book at a time.

That evening I called Nikki Wilson and told her I planned to form a blog and asked her to help me. She did. And as you say, the rest is history.

My book, Northanger Alibi--the first in a series of modernized Jane Austen books, will be released June 1st. I know the Lord has had a tremendous hand in all of the success I have found in my journey. I promise you, as long as you are writing for Him, you will find success too. Do not doubt. The Lord wants these books read, and these characters come to life. He needs you. You are part of a great mission--a call to change the world, one book at a time. Stand strong. Do not give into the whisperings of Satan. He wants you to give up and fail--but you won't. Not you. You have a mission, and only the Lord can guide your footsteps. Only the Lord can sway your thoughts. Remember, you are choice, you are blessed, and there is a reason why you were chosen to write. It will come. This dream will come for all of you. I know it. The Lord is never wrong.

Below I have the first Sunday post I wrote, 12 months ago:

2 Nephi 25:26

And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

I feel as a newborn author that I was called to write. Why the Lord chose me, when it could've been any one else? I used to ponder a lot--especially when i was first starting 10 1/2 months ago and still hadn't learn to balance and juggle my writing and family. I found myself fascinated by the addictive qualities in writing and I couldn't wait to get on my computer to find out what would happen next. But I also resented that it took so much time from me... ei: sleep, friends, family, life! LOL!

Now, I'm resigned. Now I see my purpose as a writer becoming more and more clear every day. I am His missionary. I am spreading what millions of other writers try to do every single day, but can't. I feel strongly that my work is succeeding, because my characters stick to the Lord's values. He needs my work out there to battle against Satan--not to join his forces. Anyone can join Satan and write what millions of others do. I am writing against him, hence I am succeeding.

My characters attend church, they say prayers, they don't take the Lord's name in vain, and a curse word--no matter how vile the character is--NEVER gets placed in my MS. A character may swear without me having to type it. When I think of what an amazing calling (and burden) the Lord has placed on my shoulders, to give the youth of the world another option to read rather than the countless books with bits of Satan's influence scattered about them--when I think of that, I know why He called me. I know why I was meant to become a writer. Because I don't back down. I don't compromise who I am to fit in with the crowd. I NEVER have. I am the trendsetter. People follow me, not the other way around.

I encourage you all to look again through your manuscripts and find places where you can add bits of who you are in them. Add what you know, and what you believe. And when you do, I promise you, the Lord will bless you. You will succeed--and fly above the masses and hoards of writing below you--to Shine.

Take a stand and stand up for what you believe in.
Jenni James


  1. Jenni, I am beyond words. I needed so desperately to hear this today. Thank you. And Happy Birthday!

  2. After going through 1/2 a box of tissues, I can finally comment. Your personal revelation spoke to my spirit, as did the dream I posted yesterday. Some of what you wrote has been confirmed by my Patriarchal Blessing. I know that we, as writers, will have great influence over the youth and the adults in this world and it is for that reason we must move forward in faith and continue our journey to write what the Lord inspires us to write. We may not all get that huge book contract, but maybe by sharing out testimonies with each other and writing on our blogs, we will touch those who we were meant to influence with the spirit.

    Thanks, Jenni, for inviting me to be a HUGE part of this blog and for seeking me out. I still remember that phone call at wee hours of the morning when it took a great deal of convincing from you to get me to do this. You had much more faith in me and my talent as a writer than I did and look how much we've both grown. Thank you for believing in me.

  3. What a wonderful post. You are truly inspired!

  4. What a beautiful gift. This is powerful inspiration from the most powerful source. I'm glad you heeded the call. I'm glad you listened to His words. I wish you the very greatest of success, already knowing your outcome because of the promises made to you.

  5. Karen--Thank you! Our little blog has come a long way from its beginning with just Nikki, Kasie, and I.

    Christine--We LOVE you so much! We feel so blessed just to read your awesome posts each week. You are truly one incredible woman! THANK YOU for joining!!!

    Kathi--Thank you. Though, I truly believe it isn't just for me--I believe though the Lord used my name in the temple, it was for all of us. Anyone who heeds His council and has felt the call to write... we all will succeed.

    LT--Thank you. I do feel extremely blessed. So much so, I will do my darnedest to make sure all of the awesome writers I know will succeed as well. And again, this promise is for us all.

  6. This is one of best posts I have read in a long time.... well at least the most needed message for me. I love MMW and I am excited to be able to come and read the good work a that other mothers are doing through their writing talent.

    Thank you Jenni.

  7. WHAT?!! It's been a year already! I'm so excited. What a wonderful blessing this blog has been for me. When writer's block had me in it's clutches, I could still write here. Because I am among friends and I didn't feel like I had to cross examine everything I said. I have made so many great friend through this blog. Thanks for reading and commenting and following. Because we do read your blogs as well. I feel the power we have in our large numbers and I do know the Lord is on our side. We must continue to endure to the end (over and over again, if you rewrite your ms on a monthly basis like me.) Thanks for a great year!

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. If we all follow your example, and raise the bar even a little bit, we will not only have a chance at helping improve someone else, but we will improve ourselves along the way. I love this blog, thanks for sharing it.

  9. Happy Birthday to your blog! I sure hope I'm one of those writers too.

  10. Jenni, your post reminded me of a line from my patriarchal blessing, "Be one who quickly says "no" to that which is daring, and "yes" to that which is approved of God."

    Ever since I was in high school and found I had to put down one book after another because I came across too much offensive material, I have wanted to create more good, clean fun in the literary world. Thank you so much for creating this blog where those of us with this goal can support one another.


  11. What a wonderful post. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you all for writing clean books. We need more of them out there in this tough world.

  12. Amber--thank you! I love MMW too, it's like we're all part of an awesome team, huh?

    Nikki--LOL! It's gone by fast hasn't it?

    Kim--Thank you! I love that saying... Raise the bar. And I agree. The world would be a much better place.

    Angie--that post and inspiration is for EVERYONE you included!

    Rebecca--i know what you mean about the state of YA books out there, is scary isn't it. A lot of books actually... thank you. And that's an awesome quote from your PB!

    Chantele--Thank you! I think the more of us who write good books and are successful, the more other writers will follow our example.

  13. I am amazed at your words...and so relieved. I have been asked to write a book by the Lord. And it sounded so incredibly insane to me that I doubted everything. But now I see He speaks to others the way He did to me. My call was not as eloquent, but as profound.
    Thank you...I am slowly morphing from, "are you kidding?" to, "I guess I can do that."



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