Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of Those Days!

So. Part of my morning routine includes reading the daily post at MMW. When I tuned in today, it took me a minute but I quickly realized it was Tuesday NOT Monday. And instead of reading the post - I needed to be writing it! Aaaaah! No worries. I signed in and started a new post, then I tried to "return to list of posts" to pull up a draft. Only you may know that they put that little link right below the "Publish Post" button. So, yes. I published an empty post. No title or anything. *Big Sigh*

What do Monday holidays do to you? All day yesterday felt like Saturday around here. I hope you got to enjoy the weekend and that your Tuesday-that-feels-an-awful-lot-like-Monday is going better than mine! 



  1. Lol, Tamara! I do the same thing. If my kids hadn't remembered that they had school, I don't know if they would have been on time today. Have a good Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday!

  2. My Monday felt like Saturday. I kept thinking that I should be getting the kids ready for church instead of school!

  3. My Tuesday is turning out fab! I dropped my son off for his first day of pre school which means that I will now have two days a week, two and a half hours each time, where I can do whatever I want. It's delightful. Though, I'm sure I'll still stay up way too late writing every night...

  4. that's pretty funny! Today is definately a Monday for me, I've had to come back home from school between all of my classes because I keep forgetting things, good thing I live close to the university.

  5. Monday holidays are like a second Saturday, and in general, I hate Saturday. But my holiday turned out pretty good after all!

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