Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tamara's post on Tuesday made me think that would be a great contest. Tamara's right, the formula to writing a book is simple, write wonderful sentences. I'm positive that you all have some extremely wonderful sentences. You might as well get praise for your witty talents. So put your best sentence in a comment below. You can enter 3 times. We will pick our favorites and have them up on a blog post next week for everyone to vote on. The prize is secret (meaning we haven't yet figured it out!!) but we will tell you next week. So bombard us with your brilliant sentences!!!


Contest ends October 12 by 12:00am.

Sentences can be any kind of thought as long as they are original work: entries will be counted in this post only.

We will award 3 winners a 5 page critique provided by more than one Mormon Mommy Writer!


  1. Ok, I'm entering a sentence my 11 yr old daughter wrote in her book report this morning:
    This book says that you shouldn't forget your past, and be prepared to listen.

    Isn't she brilliant?!! LOL!! Ok, so she can't win cause that wouldn't be fair, but I thought she had a great example to share.

  2. If anyone was at storymakers, do you remember the first line that the agent read ( i think the workshop was first five pages) anyway - it went a little like this. . . "Those who can, do. Those who can't, DJ." It made me laugh. Okay - also not a contest entry - just got me thinking.

  3. I'll enter!
    In a purple house on Purple Street lived four perfectly purple people and their purple dog.

  4. Will this contest involve quotes or a first sentence kind of hook?

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  6. Here's my favorite sentence from the ms I'm getting ready to submit:

    "They took the whole world away, but they gave us back the sky," Grandpa said.

  7. Oh, oh, here's another one! We can enter three times, right? I blogged this after moving to Hawaii:

    I live at the center of the Ring of Fire.

  8. Entry One: Splotches of color danced behind her eyelids like manic Macarena dancers.

    Entry Two: “My life is nothing more than a slice of boredom dipped in melancholy and deep fried in misery,” Kat said.

    Entry Three: “We are going to die,” Dad said as he fake braked against the floor, his hairy knuckles digging deep into the velvety grey upholstery of the passenger seat.

  9. Rebecca's entry no. 3:

    A trickle of molten lead ran down my throat and hardened around my heart.

  10. ooooo good entries! Kim- LOVE your first one, definately gives me a vivid image!

    Rebecca - your first one has me completely intrigued!!

  11. Time doesn't really matter when you're doing something you never want to end.

    Jolene's first entry - also I think we should get a paragraph or like 250 words around the sentence of the top five or ten sentences. Just for the rest of us to get a taste of what everyone else is writing. Maybe?

  12. Today love walks out the door with me, keeps my hand in his and I don't even notice when we pass my safe place - I'm already there.

    Jolene's second!

  13. The horizon bowed around me, pulling the water taut, and the morning sun bejeweled it all—turning the water into turquoise and the breakers into strips of diamonds.

  14. We only see what’s close to us but if we allow ourselves to simply feel, and not see, we can understand so much more.



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