Friday, September 10, 2010


By. Amber Lynae

For the past couple of months-
1- Escaping my pillow has been a lot harder.
2- Focusing on my WIP has been completely impossible.
3- Reading blogs has been minimal. 
4- Writing blog posts has been just as minimal.

You may wonder why I am struggling so much (Or you may not).  But what it comes down to is simple fact that the first trimester of pregnancy has stolen away my ability to accomplish anything.  Everything seems impossible.  I am not yet through the worst of it, but I hope the 2nd trimester will be more productive for me.

Do any of you have advice about focusing and writing while pregnant?


  1. Congratulations!!! When I was pregnant with my third, I couldn't write much. I was sick the whole 9 months, so writing was kind of nonexistent for me. I dealt with it though. Now that my baby is here and almost 6 months old..(holy cow), I've had better luck with writing believe it or not. Even with three kids, when they go to bed that is my time. Good luck with your pregnancy! How exciting!!

  2. Congratulations! The only advice I have is to find something to write that you are really excited about. When I was sick and feeling lousy the one thing that helped was writing because the topic got my mind off of how lousy I felt and into a completely different place.

  3. Congratulations Amber!!! I don't have advice. sorry.

  4. Congratulations! The first trimester is always the hardest. I never could do anything during the first trimester.

  5. Here's my advice:

    Forgive yourself.

    When I was pregnant, I felt like growing the baby was taking all my creative energies. I tried to tell myself that I was creating something more important now, and it was better to go to bed.

    (Of course, I'd just finished a draft of my WIP, so I felt like I could rest better.)

  6. Okay, so I wasn't trying to write any fiction when I was pregnant -but when I had to do a lot of resting - I really found freewriting/morning pages/journaling to be very therapeutic.

    I'm thinking that thought, that this is a perfect time to take it easy and allow yourself the 'down' time because your body is doing an amazing work already.

    And Congratulations!

  7. I threw up from week 5 until sometime after week 30. All the time, almost no matter what. I couldn't focus on a TV show. Lay back, do your best to enjoy the experience and don't stress about anything but yourself.
    Best of luck to you. For me, nothing sucks worse than being stuck in bed.

  8. Congratulations!!! I have no advice, but I'm so excited for you!!

  9. Thanks for all the support. It is nice to know I am not the only one that has trouble creating during pregnancy. I'm hoping for a smooth 2nd trimester.

  10. Being pregnant sucks not just your energy, but your brainpower, too. Sometimes I'd write articles instead of working on my novel. I needed something short-term.

  11. Amber, I have advice, but I'd love to share my experience with you first. I've found it hard to do anything I loved before each pregnancy. I didn't write for over a year because 1)being pregnant takes lots of physical and mental energy 2)when baby is born, it takes physical and mental energy. It's not an easy thing. I blame it all on hormonal shifts--it's quite normal. ;0)

    Be good to yourself and do what you can do when you feel like it. Don't feel guilty because you aren't writing. Read. Read. Read. I found it TONS easier to read when I was pregnant than writing (takes less brain cells).

    Don't worry, once baby is born and a few months old when you start to feel like your old self again, everything will go back to the way it was.

    Another thought: try to surround yourself with a few good writerly friends so that they can keep that part of you alive. Maybe you can have one visit you and you and her can have a 'writing night' so you have motivation. Make sure there are lots of snacks between you--yummmm!!!

    I hope this helps. Message me on FB if you want to talk about it. *HUGS*

    I know you'll do just fine, don't worry too much and be good to yourself!!! ;)



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